5 Cubicle Lighting Hacks for a Brighter, Better Workday

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A dimly lit cubicle reduces productivity more than bright cubicle lights. We are all know that harsh fluorescent overhead lights can cause headaches, eye strain, and anxiety. But no worries, there are plenty of cubicle lighting ideas to transform your space.

LED cubicle lights for focused task work or string lights can make a huge difference in setting the mood.

Do you want a touch of natural light, even in the heart of the office? You can the options for under cabinet lighting in cubicles. Or are you facing too much light is the problem, a cubicle light blocker may be the answer.

Here are some easy hacks to brighten up your workday!

Hack #1: Choose the Right Cubicle Light for the Task

There are different types of cubicle lighting available! Learn how different types of lighting work to maximize your workspace:

Task Lighting: This is your main source of light. A focused beam of light illuminates your desk, keyboard, and paperwork. You can find adjustable desk lamps or LED cubicle lights under cabinets to get rid of shadows. How Do You Use Outdoor Task Lighting? 

Ambient Lighting: This is general overhead lighting in your office. You likely can’t control it, but it provides a baseline illumination.

Accent Light: Brighten up your work area with artwork, plants, or other personal touches. You can make a big difference with accent lighting. You can hang string lights in your cubicle!

Decorative Lights: It’s like jewelry for your space. This adds a lot of visual interest, but shouldn’t be your main source of light.

With good task lighting, you’ll be more focused and productive. They’re perfect for desks. When you’re short on desk space, try cubicle lighting under the cabinet. Don’t spend all day looking at overhead light.

Hack #2: Focus on brightness control

Bright lights in your cubicle can distract. Dim lights can make reading hard. You have to be able to adjust your light level. It helps you stay comfortable and focused.

That’s where dimmable lights and lamps come into play. They allow you to adjust the light level to perfectly match the task at hand. Need intense focus for detailed work? Brighten it up. Is it a casual meeting or are you winding down? You can dim the lights to make it feel softer and more relaxed.

brightness control

Here’s how to master brightness control throughout your workday:

  • Kickstart your day with high light levels to boost alertness.
  • Adjust your cubicle lights midday so they keep the same brightness.
  • Turn the lights down gradually as the workday ends to signal your body to wind down.

It’s easy to customize your cubicle lighting to meet your needs. This will minimize eye strain and maximize work output.

Hack #3: Utilize natural light

Say goodbye to dim lighting! Natural light is the key. You will feel better and be more productive when you do it. Plus, it’s healthy for your health. Studies show it helps with sleep, energy, and clarity.

Utilize natural light

So, how do you maximize sunshine in your cubicle?

  • Put your desk next to a window if you can. You’ll be happier if you’re close to natural light.
  • Control your blinds with light-filtering shades. You can angle them to keep harsh glare out while still letting in diffused light.
  • How about taking a short break outside? It can make a huge difference how you feel throughout the day to step outside and soak up some sunlight.

Not everyone has a window view cubicle. Don’t worry if you’re like that! Try incorporating small desk lamps that mimic natural light for a similar mood boost.

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Hack #4: Consider Color Temperature

Think of color temperature like lighting mood. It’s not about brightness, but the light tint. Warmer lights have yellow and orange tones, like a cozy sunset. Cooler lights have blue-white tones, like a bright midday sky.

How does this affect your cubicle? Color temperature directly impacts your focus and mood. In cooler temperatures (like those blue-white tones), you’re more alert and can concentrate, which is great for tackling detailed tasks.

Color Temperature

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However, warmer weather is better for collaboration, brainstorming, or winding down.

How to pick a color temperature (in Kelvins, or K):

  • A light temperature between 4000K and 6500K (cool white to daylight)
  • A meeting or collaboration costs between 2700K and 3500K.
  • End of day/relaxation: 2500K or lower.

It’s easy to change the color temperature of LED cubicle lights, especially task lamps. To create the ideal lighting ambiance, look for this feature.

Hack #5: Add Personality

Your cubicle is part of your workspace, so why not make it your style? Make your environment more personal with decorative lighting. You can use it to personalize your space.

  • String lights for cubicles: Bring whimsy and soft ambient light to your space. Consider drape them along cubicle walls or around your desk area.
  • Small decorative lamps: opt for stylish lamps that add light and double as decorative pieces.
  • LED Strip Lights: These are versatile and can provide fun color accents under shelving, along walls, or framing photos and artwork.

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Before lighting up your cubicle, check your company’s policies. Your fun decorations shouldn’t distract others or be unsafe. Make your choices tasteful and functional. It is possible to bring your personality into your cubicle while maintaining a productive environment.

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In conclusion, decorative lighting not only enhances your workspace but allows you to express your individuality as well. Light up your workspace with tasteful lighting that reflects your personal style. Be sure to follow your company’s policies when decorating and avoid making anyone feel unsafe. So brighten up your cubicle for a better workday!

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