5 Simple Steps to Clean a Honeywell air purifier. Want to try today?

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You can trust your Honeywell air purifier filter. It will keep your home’s air clean and allergen-free. However, did you know that dirty air filters don’t work as well? The screen and dust on the computer affect your health as well.

In this post, I will show you how to clean a Honeywell car air purifier in a few simple steps. So you can clean your air filter without being an engineer.

I will also let you know a few simple changes you can make to improve its performance. You can follow this maintenance advice to extend the life of your Honeywell air filter.

Steps-by-step guide: How to Clean Your Honeywell Air Purifier?

Honeywell air cleaners work best if the filter is clean. The best way to clean the filter is to follow these steps:

1. Make sure the power is off and unplugged.

Before touch the filter, you should turn the air cleaner off and unplug it. This keeps shock hazards from happening.

2. Use your manual to find the filter compartment.

For specific directions on how to find the filter compartment, look in the manual that came with your air purifier. It’s usually on the side or back of the unit. There may also be helpful diagram in the instructions.

3. Carefully open the filter compartment

See your instructions for the right way to do things so you don’t damage the compartment.

How to Find the Honeywell Filter Compartment?

Find latches, covers, and panels. Look on the back or sides of your purifier for any of these. These may need to be released to open a cover or panel. Some models have a panel that slides out to reveal the filter. Occasionally, the entire front cover of the purifier may come off to access the filter.

4. Clean the pre-filter: vacuum up the dust

Honeywell air filters have a pre-filter that is a mesh screen and traps oversized particles.

Gentle Suction: To clean the pre-filter of loose dust and other debris, use a vacuum cleaner with a hose adapter set to its lowest suction level. With a brush extension, you can also get rid of dust that won’t come off.

Watch out for delicate pre-filters. Some pre-filters may have smaller meshes. If yours is, don’t use a stiff brush adapter or a high suction setting because they could hurt the pre-filter.

5. Clean the main filter: Vacuum or wash according to the type

These are usually white and can’t be cleaned. They are called HEPA filters. The vacuum cleaner with a hose adapter should have low suction. Use this to gently wipe dust off the HEPA filter’s surface.

Carbon Filters: These are usually black, and your type may or may not let you remove them. Check your manual for specific directions on cleaning it. If you can wash them, run lukewarm water over them gently.

Note: You should never put a HEPA filter in water, and you should never use strong chemicals or rough cleaners on any filter type.

6. Rinse and dry (if needed)

Washable Pre-filters and Carbon Filters: To remove your pre-filter and/or carbon filter, follow the directions in the guidebook and run them under warm water for a few minutes. If you see dirt, you can add a few drops of light dish soap. Use clean water to rinse them again to remove any soap still on them.

7. It’s important to dry; patience is key

Place all filters on a clean, flat surface in a well-ventilated area and let them dry fully in the air. Then, put them back in place. This is very important to keep mold from growing inside the air filter.

Keep the screens out of direct sunlight; it could damage them.

How Long Does It Take to Dry? It can take up to 24 hours, depending on how wet it is. To be safe, don’t return filters back on until they are completely dry.

Note: Always check the Honeywell air purifier’s manual for exact directions on how to clean and replace the filter.

How can I make my Honeywell air purifier more efficient?

Here are some simple changes you can make to improve your Honeywell air filter’s performance:

Honeywell air purifier

1. Regular maintenance is essential:

  • Pre-filters: Vacuum your pre-filters once a month. You should wash and dry them gently if they’re washable.
  • Main filters (HEPA/Carbon): Do not wash or clean them. Replace them according to your Honeywell purifier’s instructions. This is usually every 6-12 months for HEPA filters and every 3-6 months for carbon filters.

2. Placement Matters:

Open areas Place your air purifier in a place with a lot of air flow. Keep it away from walls and items that could get in the way of air flow. Keep your air filter in your bedroom or in your kitchen where air quality is likely to be worse.

3. improve for Maximum Efficiency:

The filter must be fitted to the room if it doesn’t work. Check Honeywell’s size suggestions for their types.

Please consider these tips:

Your Honeywell air cleaner will work better if you improve the quality of air in your home. These are some ways to do it:

Keep your home as pollutant-free as possible. Use lamps, strong cleaning products, and other products that won’t pollute the air. Your air filter has to work harder because of these things.

Stay safe at home. A drafty window or door allows pollen and dust to enter your home. Your air cleaner will work less hard when these leaks are fixed.

Think about HVAC links. A whole-home air filter system might be useful if you have a forced-air HVAC system. You can use this system with your Honeywell air filter.

You can find the latest directions and information in your Honeywell air purifier’s manual.

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Why Cleaning Your Honeywell Air Purifier Filter Matters

Air purifiers’ filters are like their lungs – they trap harmful particles in the air. Over time, it clogs just like our lungs. Here’s why keeping that filter clean is crucial:

  • You Can Breathe Clean Air: A dirty filter means dust bunnies, pet hair, and allergens aren’t trapped. Cleaning ensures your purifier does its job!
  • Keep the Air Flowing: Think of a clogged filter like breathing through straw. Cleaning it lets your purifier work without strain, which means better air circulation in your room.
  • Save Money: Dirt buildup can damage a filter over time, meaning you need to replace it sooner. Cleaning extends its life, making it a smart investment.
  • Don’t make it work harder: Keep your filter clean to make it work efficiently and save money.

Air purifier filters aren’t just a chore – they’re investments in cleaner air, a longer-lasting appliance, and even a little extra cash.

My Honeywell air purifier seems weak – do I need to clean the filter?

Yes! Dirty filters are the top reason air purifiers lose power. Check your pre-filter first (this is the mesh-like one), and vacuum it. You may need to replace your main filter if airflow doesn’t improve after cleaning.

How often should I clean/replace my filter?

It depends on your home! Here’s a guideline:

  • Pre-filters: Every month if possible, or at least every 3 months.
  • Main Filters (HEPA and other filters): Follow the instructions with your purifier. It usually takes 6-12 months for them to wear out.
  • Cleaning Tip : A dusty area, pets, and smoking indoors may require regular cleaning/replacement of filters.

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Can I wash my air purifier filter?


Pre-filters: Often washable – check your purifier’s manual.

HEPA/carbon filters: Never wash them. They need to be replaced when used.

Is there an easy way to tell when the filter needs replacing?

Here are some signs.

  • It looks very dirty even after cleaning
  • Airflow is still weak after cleaning
  • Your purifier has a change filter light that won’t go off.
  • You notice more dust or a musty smell

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Are all Honeywell filters the same?

No! Each Honeywell air purifier uses a different filter. Ensure that the type you choose is right for your model.

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In conclusion, a clean Honeywell air filter will continue to clean the air in your home or car. These steps will help you keep your air filter in proper shape. Ensure that the air is fresh and allergen-free. Keep your air filter clean to get the most from it.

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