How to seal outdoor light fixture on brick? Try 4 Easy Steps

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Do you know how to seal outdoor light fixture on brick? You need to seal outdoor lights for their longevity and their look.

What kind of brick do I have? You probably want to know how to seal my outdoor light fixture. Yes, it is a good idea to seal them. Because silicone sealant works great on brick. Also, do silicone sealants stick to brick? I’m happy to say that it does, providing a strong, waterproof seal.

In this blog, we’ll look at how to seal outdoor light fixture on brick surface. We’ll talk about the best sealant for outdoor lights, how to waterproof them, and how to eliminate gaps.

You can also use our tips if your lights are on siding. Watch how we keep your outdoor lights shining bright against your brick wall.

How to seal outdoor light fixture on brick surface

It is important to seal the outdoor light fixture on the brick surface before starting work. We need to gather all the following tools.

  • Exterior silicone caulk: This is essential. Make sure you choose a silicone caulk that can withstand the weather.
  • Caulk gun: Easy and controlled application.
  • Cleaner: Put rubbing alcohol or mild soap on the surface.
  • Rags or paper towels: You can use these to clean up excess caulk after it has dried.
  • Painter’s tape (optional): To protect your surrounding areas.

Easy Steps: How to seal outdoor light fixture on brick surface

Make sure the power to the light fixture is off at the breaker box. You can remove the old fixture if you want. It is important to clean the brick surface and the back of the light fixture base before caulking. Check for old caulk, dirt, and debris. It is necessary to let the surfaces dry completely.

Apply Painter’s Tape (Optional): If you’re concerned about neatness, place painter’s tape around the edges of the fixture base on the brick to create a clean caulk line.

Load the Caulk Gun:

Take the caulk tube and cut it at a 45-degree angle. You need a small hole to control the amount of caulk. Make a hole in the tube’s inner seal. Get the caulk gun ready and put the tube in.

Apply the caulk:

How to caulk around outdoor light fixture? Put a constant line of caulk around the outside where the light bulb base hits the brick wall. Make sure the beads seal well. For a clean, professional look, use a wet finger or a caulk finishing tool to smooth the caulk.

Mount the light fixture:

Right away, firmly press the light fitting against the brick, ensuring the glue sticks. Following the manufacturer’s directions, attach the device with pins.

seal outdoor light fixture on brick surface

Finish Up to seal outdoor light fixture on brick

When you’re done, use a moist cloth or paper towel to remove any excess caulk. Once the glue is dry, carefully peel off the painter’s tape.

It’ll take 24 hours for the caulk to cure completely if it says so on the label.

What is the Best sealant for outdoor light fixtures?

Outside-grade silicone glue adds a layer of protection to outdoor lights. This is why.

  • The best thing about silicone doesn’t absorb water. It makes a barrier to keep water out.
  • Silicone stays flexible at many temperatures. You won’t have to worry about it ripping or shrinking when it gets hot or cold.
  • A non-toxic waterproof material, resistant to UV rays, water, and different types of weather.
  • Silicone seals last a long time and don’t break down quickly. So you don’t have to reapply them as often.
  • There’s a lot of stuff silicone glue sticks to, like brick, metal, glass, and most plastics.

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What are the best ways to waterproof outdoor lights?

A waterproofed outdoor lighting system ensures durability and safety. Also, closing gaps between outdoor fixtures and walls prevents water from ingress that can cause damage. Here’s how to deal with both:

Best Ways to waterproof Outdoor Lights

Make sure all outdoor lights are outdoor-rated. You can expose them to direct water, moisture, and temperature changes.

Use silicone sealant at junctions where fixtures meet walls. Silicone has waterproof properties and is flexible, so it can expand and contract with temperature changes without cracking.

Install gaskets or rubber seals? Outdoor fixtures come with gaskets or rubber seals. Add these if yours didn’t, or if they need to be replaced.

Check and clean your outdoor lights regularly. Make sure all debris is gone, and replace any parts that are damaged.

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How to fix the gap between outdoor fixtures and walls?

Before applying sealant, clean the gap area thoroughly. Be sure to clean the sealant and remove dirt, dust, and debris.

Apply silicone sealant? You’ll want a high-quality exterior silicone sealant. Make sure it’s fully filled in the gap. Use a sealant tool or your finger (wearing a glove) to smooth it out.

Make sure you use a backer rod. Before you apply sealant, insert a backer rod in the gap. It helps fill the void, so you use less sealant and get a better seal.

Follow the manufacturer’s drying or curing instructions. Once the sealant has set, don’t touch or adjust the fixture.

Over time, inspect the sealed areas for wear or breakage. If necessary, reapply sealant.

These steps will ensure that your outdoor space remains well-lit and welcoming no matter what the weather throws at it.

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In conclusion, seal your outdoor light fixture on brick to keep it looking good for a long time. You can protect your lights from the elements using silicone sealant.

In addition, you’ll want to make sure you seal the fixture properly and eliminate any gaps between it and the wall. We’ve got some tips to make your lights look amazing against brick and siding.

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