How to Make a Bubble Light Chandelier? 6 Easy DIY Lighting Steps for Your Home

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Want a bubble light chandelier in your home? But without the high price tag? You can totally make your own! How to Make a Bubble Light Chandelier?

With a few simple supplies and easy steps, you’ll transform your space. Get ready to learn how to make a bubble light chandelier that’s uniquely yours. There will never be two that are alike!

Think about, like, factory options! You can customise the size, the number of lights (think 3 lights, 7 lights, or even 14 lights!), and the style. Want classic clear glass? Frosted? A modern branching design? The sky’s the limit. Your new bubble light chandelier will be the talk of the town.

Why Make Your Own Bubble Chandelier?

When you first saw those whimsical bubble glass lights or modern glass ball chandeliers, you may have been reeling from sticker shock.

Here’s why opting for a DIY bubble light chandelier is your best bet:


Store-bought bubble chandeliers, in particular those that have several (think 8 lights, 12 lights, or even 14 lights), may be quite expensive. You can save a lot of money if you source your own materials and assemble them yourself.

Complete Customization:

Want that perfect frosted glass finish? Are you picturing a huge chandelier with dozens of bubbles? In love with a specific branching design you’ve seen online?

A DIY bubble light chandelier lets you control every aspect. It will ensure your light fixture matches your space and personality perfectly.

Pride and Fun:

Let’s face it, there’s something incredibly satisfying about completing a DIY project. These bubble light chandeliers, especially ones that become focal points in your home, It will be wonderful to show off your hand-made bubble light chandelier to your guests. Plus, you can tackle the project itself, which can be great fun!

Are crystal chandeliers still popular?

They’re still popular because of the atmosphere, even though styles change. Today’s designs use both classic and modern crystals. So they can be used in both traditional and modern settings. Crystal chandeliers are a classic choice for lighting because they add a touch of luxury and seductiveness.

How to Make a Bubble Light Chandelier? 6 Easy DIY Lighting Steps for Your Home
How to Make a Bubble Light Chandelier?

Style Options: Inspiration and Key Decisions

I have discussed some style options for your DIY bubble light chandelier. That will come with a strong focus on those all-important keywords:

Style Options: Inspiration and Key Decisions

There are some important choices you need to make about the look, feel, and function of your bubble light chandelier. That needs to be done before you start getting your supplies.

Classic hanging vs. flush mount:

  • Classic Hanging: This is the traditional chandelier style (think dining rooms or high-ceilinged entryways). It offers a dramatic visual impact but requires more vertical space. Safety is key; ensure proper hanging with secure support from the ceiling.
  • Lower ceilings or a less obtrusive light fixture are the perfect fit for flush mount lighting. Think bedrooms, hallways, or bathrooms. Flush mounts sometimes offer greater safety in rooms with moisture. To put a distinct spin on this design, think about installing a bubble flush mount light.

Glass Type

Clearness is a timeless elegance that allows the maximum amount of light to pass through.
Frosted: Provides a more natural, diffused glow and has the ability to conceal dust more effectively.

4 Lights Bubble Light Chandelier

Branching Designs frosted glass bubble chandelier: This modern and eye-catching chandelier has many bubbles attached to a base with branches out. These look excellent for large spaces.

Number of lights or size

3 Light, 7 Light, 12 Light: Think about room size and desired brightness.

A small dining area or bedroom might only need a 3 light bubble chandelier. A large living room could accommodate a 12- or 14 light chandelier for a grand statement piece.

Materials: Where to Find the Perfect Pieces

I have mentioned where to find the materials to create your dream bubble light chandelier. Also specify the pros and cons of the different lighting options thrown in for good measure:

Materials: Where to Find the Perfect Pieces

Bubbles: Glass Ornaments: Find these at craft stores and seasonal shops. You can pick from different shapes, sizes, colours, and finishes, such as frosted or clear.

Plastic Spheres: Buy these lightweight, affordable items at craft stores. Let them have a unique look by spray painting them.

Upcycled Options: Use old glass lampshades, jars, or clear plastic bottles for a creative twist.


Pre-made Light Fixtures: Online retailers (like Amazon, with searches like “bubble lights chandelier”) or lighting stores offer a variety of bases you can modify.

Let your imagination run wild! Old baskets, embroidery hoops, or even a sturdy tree branch can become a unique base.

Make a Bubble Light Chandelier
Make a Bubble Light Chandelier

Lighting Options:

  • Christmas Lights: cost-effective and easy, but can be bulky if you want lots of lights. Choose LEDs for energy efficiency.
  • LED strip lights are flexible and can be cut to fit your base. Offer great brightness and colour options.
  • Recessed lighting is safe for moisture-prone areas and offers a clean flush-mount look but requires more electrical work.

What are the additional things required?

Gauge wire depends on your lighting choice—thinner for Christmas lights, thicker for heavier lights. Pick the right hanging hardware for your ceiling and chandelier’s weight.

Some tools you might need are wire cutters, pliers, and maybe even a drill, depending on the base size you choose.

Where can you get the materials mentioned?

Craft shops are places where you can get trinkets, wire, and simple tools all in one place.

Online Stores On sites like Amazon or Etsy, search for “bubble lights chandelier” to find bases, lighting kits, and one-of-a-kind sparkling glass balls.

Used goods stores:There is a great trove of possible bases and materials that have been used before. Stores that sell hardware Find tools and hardware for hanging things.

Step-by-Step Guide: Choose Your Style

How to Make a Bubble Light Chandelier?
How to Make a Bubble Light Chandelier?

Option 1: Classic Hanging Bubble Light Chandelier

Prep Your Bubbles:

Remove ornament caps (if using ornaments). Decide on lengths or arrangements: clustered for a dramatic effect, graduated lengths for a waterfall look. If you want to attach the bubbles to the base, leave extra wire at the top to thread through each one.

Modify your base:

Pre-made fixture: Remove any existing shades or bulbs. You may want to spray paint to match your style.

Repurposed item Make holes in the wall where the bubbles will hang. You might want to paint or decorate the base.

Attach the bubbles:

As you work your way out from the centre, tie your bubble wires or lines to the base. Hold on tight. Then adjust the lengths as needed. The chandelier is hanging at the right height for you.

Install the lighting.

Christmas Lights: Carefully weave the string around the base and bubbles, securing with zip ties or wire.

LED Strip: Adhere the strip to the base, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Option 2: Flush Mount Bubble Light Chandelier

Prepare your bubbles: Same as Option 1

Base Prep:

  • Pre-made fixture: Take off any bulbs or shades.
  • Repurposed object: drill holes and paint or decorate as desired.

Install recessed lighting:

You need to know how to wire the electricity for this. If you’re not sure, talk to a plumber.

Follow the directions that came with the light to put the housing on your ceiling.

Attach Bubbles:

  • Feed the bubble wires and lines through your base’s holes. Leave enough length to reach the recessed light housing.
  • Install the base over the recessed light housing.

Connect Bubbles to Light:

Attach the bubble wires to the light fixture inside the housing and make sure they are completely tight.

Customisation is key!

Your bubble light chandelier is already unique because you made it yourself. But now’s the chance to let your personality shine through!

Spray-Paint Magic:

Give your base a whole new look with spray paint. Bold metallics (gold, silver, and copper) add elegance. Fun pastels add a whimsical touch. Be sure to select paint suitable for your base material (metal, wood, etc.).

Bling it on:

Add sparkle and texture by stringing beads onto the wires holding your bubbles. You can change the look with crystals, pearls, or bright beads. For extra style, you can even hot-glue small decorations right to the bubbles.

Mix & Match:

A more interesting effect will happen if you change the bubbles’ sizes, colours, and shapes. You can mix clear bubbles with coloured ones, big and small, smooth and rough—the options are endless!

Think outside the box.

Natural Elements: You can incorporate small driftwood pieces, seashells, or even dried flowers among your bubbles for an organic, coastal vibe.

Upcycled Accents: For a touch of whimsy, mix in old keys, charms, or small figurines alongside your bubbles.

Color-Changing Lights: Use LED strip lights with a remote control to change your chandelier’s color scheme on a whim. Perfect for holidays or to match your mood!

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How do you clean a bubble glass chandelier?

I have shared with you a step to safely and effectively clean your bubble glass chandelier.

What materials do you need to clean that?

  • Soft microfiber cloths
  • Distilled water
  • Rubbing alcohol (optional, for stubborn grime)
  • Mild dish soap (optional, for very dirty chandeliers)
  • Rubber or cotton gloves
  • Step ladder
  • Drop cloths or newspapers.

4 Steps to Clean a Bubble Glass Chandelier

Remove the breaker that controls your chandelier’s power and let the bulbs cool down completely.

Get the room ready. Put newspapers or drop cloths under the ceiling to catch any drips.

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Mix your cleaning solution:

  1. For basic cleaning, put one part rubbing alcohol and one part distilled water in a spray bottle.
  2. Add a few drops of mild dish soap to the distilled water and alcohol mix to make it cleaner.

Gentle Cleaning:

Put on gloves to shield your hands and prevent finger prints from getting on the glass. Start with one bubble at a time. Lightly mist the cleaning solution onto a microfiber cloth, avoiding spraying directly onto the fixture.

Wipe the bubble gently, inside and out. Dry with a separate, clean microfiber cloth. Repeat for all bubbles, the base, and any other components.

Tackle Stubborn Grime:

For tough spots, dip a clean cloth in the cleaning solution and gently rub the affected area.

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In conclusion, there you have it! Now you know how to make a bubble light chandelier that’s as unique as you are. Try experimenting with the sizes, colors, and configurations of your glass bubbles without fear. The possibilities are endless! Don’t forget to tag us on social media when you share your incredible work!

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