7 Ways To Save More Money on Car Maintenance Fees in 2024


1. Read the Manual

Check your owner’s manual. It will give you a schedule for regular maintenance for your car, and keeping up with it can save you money in the long run.

2. Watch for the Lights

For example, there’s a light that indicates your tires aren’t fully inflated. All you have to do to make that one go away is to fill your tires properly

3. Find a Good Mechanic

Unless your car is still under service contract that requires it be serviced at the dealer, you can usually save money by taking it to an independent mechanic.

4. Change Your Oil

Get your oil changed at the recommended intervals. This is a small, regular expense that could save you a lot over the long term

5. Maintain Your Fluids

If your car or truck is four-wheel drive, add transfer case fluid to the list of fluids to check regularly and change when needed.

6. Keep an Eye On Your Tires

Both of these maintenance chores help your tires wear evenly, which helps them last longer.

7. Be Prepared For an Emergency

Invest in a roadside assistance plan if you don’t already have one through your car’s warranty or a credit card