Best Water Purifier for Home: with advanced features like automatic shut-off and reverse osmosis technology

1) Proven ELEVEN Copper + Mineral RO+UV+UF 10 to 12 Liter Water Purifier

11-watt hours of power, it operates at an input voltage of 220 Volts (AC) with 99.8% pure copper 


Price: Rs 4,899

Patented Mineral Guard Technology retains essential minerals

Ultra Filtration for crystal-clear clarity

UV+UF removes viruses, bacteria, and contaminants

2) AQUA D PURE Ro Water Purifier

This advanced purifier employs multiple purification layers, including RO+UV+UF+Copper+TDS Control, to effectively 


Price: Rs 4,699

Powered by a corded electric connection.

Can be installed as a wall-mounted or tabletop dispenser.

Compact size with dimensions of 12L x 12W x 11H centimeters.

3) Hydrology Ro Water Purifier For Home

Hydrology RO Water Purifier for Home is a high-performance water filtration system designed to provide exceptional purity.


Price: Rs 4,899

Operates with a power consumption of 40 Watt Hours.

Comes with 1 memory stick.

Compact size with dimensions of 26L x 17W x 16H centimeters.

4) Aquagear Water Purifier With 8-Stages Purifications

Aquagear Water Purifier is an advanced RO system featuring 8-stage purifications for ensuring top-notch water quality. 14 Ltr storage


Price: Rs 4,490

Comes in a convenient pitcher package for easy use.

Product dimensions of 29L x 39W x 45H centimeters provide a compact and space-saving solution.

5 Aquatec Plus - Epic 15L RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier for Home

Aquatec Plus - Epic 15L Water Purifier, equipped with inbuilt TDS UV controlling technology


 Price: Rs 5,699

Comes in a dispenser package for easy access to purified water.

Compact size with dimensions of 15.6L x 9.1W x 20.5H centimeters for space efficiency.