Cardi K4 Ambient Light For Attractive Car Interiors To Make Your Car Standout From Others

By Light Checkup

17 September 2023

Cardi K4 Ambient Light is one of the most most selling car interior accessories that comes with wireless function.

The product has unique functioning as it also includes active sound effects- which means the the intensity of the light varies as per the sound.

It also has unique feature which is called as Sleep mode. This mode adjusts the light in such a way that it develops atmosphere suitable for sleeping.

As per your requirement you can also change the brightness. Or also change the colors as per your need. The product comes with remote control to manage the atmosphere inside your car.

Cardi K4 Ambient Light comes with (6 LED heads strip + 4 foot light strips + main remote control+ 5 sub control + 4 lights for door bowl + 4 Storage lights).

You can control the lights from your smartphone and may keep a single color or multi colors or even even switch between modes and many more.

Cardi K4 Ambient lights comes with an gradient mode where the colors of the lights have high intensity and creates bright atmosphere.

This unique product to glow your car Interiors is available on cloudsale store and IndiaMart to purchase. It is priced in between 5,500- 7,500 INR.

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