Dimmable LED Flashing: Top 6 Causes and Solutions

With these tips, you can get your lights back to working properly in no time.

Use a dimmer switch that is compatible with LED lights. There are many dimmer switches on the market, and not all of them are compatible with LED lights.

Use dimmable LED bulbs. Not all LED bulbs are dimmable. Make sure to buy dimmable LED bulbs if you want to be able to dim them.

Check the wiring. Loose or damaged wiring can also cause flickering. Make sure that the wiring is secure and in good condition

Don't overload the circuit. If you have too many lights or appliances on the same circuit, it can overload the circuit and cause flickering.

Avoid using a dimmer switch with a low-voltage LED bulb. The majority of dimmers are made to handle higher electrical loads.

Try different dimming levels. In some cases, the flickering may be worse at certain dimming levels. Try dimming the lights to different levels to see if that makes a difference.

Replace the LED bulbs. If you have tried all of the other solutions and the flickering is still happening, you may need to replace the LED bulbs.