How To Tell If Fluorescent Bulb Or Ballast Is Bad? 5 Signs You Should Know

Flickering or dimming: A fluorescent bulb’s phosphor coating may be deteriorating if it flickers or dims. Age, temperature swings, or a faulty starter are all potential causes of this

Buzzing or Humming Sounds: Unusual sounds coming from your light fixture can indicate an issue with the bulb

Slow Start-Up: A failing starter may cause a fluorescent bulb to take a long time to light up. A starter provides the initial voltage to kick-start the bulb’s illumination

Inconsistent Color: If your fluorescent light is emitting an uneven or distorted color, it might indicate a problem with the phosphor coating or other internal components of the bulb

Safety Rules For Testing

– o start, turn off the power supply to prevent electrical hazards. – Wear protective gear like gloves and goggles for safety. – Use a multimeter and screwdriver to test for continuity and voltage readings.