How to align garage door sensors

Aligning garage door sensors is crucial for ensuring the proper functioning and safety of your garage door system.

Check Sensor Positioning

1. Ensure that both sensors are positioned on each side of the garage door, facing each other. They are typically installed near the ground, around 6 inches above the floor.

Clean Sensors

2. Keep the sensors clean from dust, dirt, and debris. Use a soft cloth to wipe the lenses and ensure clear visibility.

Verify Power Supply

3. Confirm that both sensors are receiving power. Check the wiring and make sure there are no loose connections or damaged cables.

Inspect Sensor Lights

4. Check the indicator lights on each sensor. Usually, one sensor will have a steady light, while the other may blink. This indicates they are not aligned properly.

Adjust Sensor Angle

5. Slightly adjust the angle of the sensors if they are not facing each other directly. Use a level to make sure they are perfectly aligned both horizontally and vertically.

Secure Mounting Brackets

6. Ensure that the mounting brackets holding the sensors are securely attached to the wall. Loose brackets can cause misalignment over time.

Remove Obstacles

7. Clear any objects or debris that may obstruct the sensor's line of sight. Even small items can interfere with the proper functioning of the sensors.

Test Alignment

8. Activate the garage door opener and observe the sensor lights. If they are aligned correctly, the door should close without any issues

Check for Interference

9. Identify and eliminate potential sources of interference, such as bright sunlight, reflective surfaces, or other electronic devices emitting infrared signals in the vicinity.

Consult Manufacturer’s Manual

10. Refer to the garage door opener's manual for specific instructions on aligning sensors. Different models may have unique requirements