How to Install Long LED Pool Cage Lighting for Above-Ground Pools

everything you need to know


LED pool cage, Power supply, Wire connectors, Waterproof sealant, Drill, Screwdriver, Safety glasses, Gloves

To install long LED pool cage lighting, you will need: 


To do this, measure the distance around the outside of the pool cage, just above the waterline.

Measuring the AREA of Your Pool Cage: 


Once you have the measurements, you can cut the LED pool cage lighting to size. Be sure to leave enough extra length to allow for some wiggle room.

Cutting the LED Pool Cage Lighting to Size: 


Start installing the LED pool cage lights. In the pool cage, drill tiny holes uniformly around the circle. Large holes should allow LED pool cage lighting.

Drilling Holes in the Pool Cage:


Feed LED pool cage lights via holes and fasten with wire connections. Use waterproof sealant to protect connections from water.

Feeding the LED Pool Cage Lighting Through the Holes:


After installing all LED pool cage lights, connect it to the power source. Be sure to follow manufacturer recommendations.

Connecting the LED Pool Cage Lighting to the Power Supply:


Finally, turn on the power and test the lights to make sure they are working properly.

Testing the Lights:

 > Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. > Use a level to ensure that the LED pool cage lighting is installed evenly. > Test the lights before you close up.

Additional Tips: