10 Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Security Camera System


1. Resolution & Image Quality: Aim for at least 1080p resolution for clear identification. Higher resolutions like 4K offer even sharper details but require more storage.

2. Night Vision & Low-Light Performance: Ensure good night vision range (ideally 30+ ft.) with infrared LEDs for clear recordings in darkness.

3. Field of View & Camera Type: Choose cameras based on coverage needs. Bullet cameras offer wider views, while domes are discreet. PTZ cameras provide adjustable angles.

4. Weatherproofing (For Outdoor Cameras): Look for an IP rating of at least 65 for dust and water resistance, especially in harsh weather conditions.

5. Motion Detection & Alerts: Customize motion zones and receive real-time alerts on your phone or email when movement is detected.

6. Storage Options: Choose local storage (SD card, NVR) or cloud storage (subscription-based) based on your budget and recording needs. Cloud offers remote access but can be expensive.

7. Remote Viewing & Access: Ensure the system allows live viewing and recorded footage access from anywhere with an internet connection.

8. Two-Way Audio: Communicate with visitors or deter intruders with the ability to talk and listen through the camera.

9. Ease of Installation & Use: Consider pre-configured systems or wireless options for simpler setup, especially if DIY installation is preferred.

10. Data Security & Encryption: Verify the system uses secure encryption protocols to protect your video data from unauthorized access.