What Are The Signs That Your LED Light Engine Needs Replacement

Here are some signs that your LED light engine needs replacement:

Dimming or flickering light. As LED lights age, they can start to dim or flicker. This is usually a sign that the light engine is starting to fail.

Color change. LED lights can also change color over time. If your lights are starting to look yellow or orange, it's a sign that they need to be replaced.

 Buzzing or humming noise. If you hear a buzzing or humming noise coming from your LED lights, it's a sign that the light engine is not working properly.

Malfunctioning features. Some LED lights have features like dimming or color changing. If these features stop working, it's a sign that the light engine is malfunctioning.

Light is burning. This means the light engine is overheating. Overheating shortens the lifespan of LEDs.

The light is shattered. A replacement is needed if the LED light engine is broken.

Completely dead light. If your LED light suddenly stops working, it's possible that the light engine has blown.