Step-By-Step Guide: How To Wire Running Lights On Tow Mirrors

Step-By-Step Guide

– Remove the existing side mirrors from your vehicle. This usually requires removing a few screws or bolts. Keep them safely aside, as you may need them later.

Now, Install your new tow mirrors carefully and securely. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the product

– Locate the wiring harness for your side mirrors. This harness is usually tucked away behind the interior paneling. Gently remove the paneling to access the wiring harness.

– Once the connections are secure, use electrical tape to wrap around the connectors. It will provide insulation and protection against moisture.

– Now you need to connect the tow mirrors’ wiring harness to the vehicle’s existing harness and match colors. Use wire connectors and a crimping tool to secure the connections.

– Now, reconnect the negative terminal of your vehicle’s battery.