Why Are Sengled Bulbs Special?

There are several reasons why stranded light bulbs vary. Here are some popular ones:

Sengled light bulbs provide functions such as dimming, color change, and scheduling. Voice control and motion detection are available on certain lamps.

The lumen output of a light bulb measures its brightness. Sengled smart light bulbs have different lumen outputs, so you may select the best one.

The color temperature of a light bulb indicates its warmth or coldness. Sengled light bulbs come in several color temperatures, so you can pick the right environment.

 The lifetime of a light bulb is the number of hours it is predicted to endure. Sengled light bulbs last 25,000 hours, longer than incandescent lights.

 Price: Seungled light bulbs cost around $10 to $50. The bulb’s features, connection, and lumen output determine its pricing.

Sengled light bulbs provide connection choices such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Zigbee. If you have several smart home devices, Zigbee lights can establish a mesh network with a hub.