5 Common Problems with Solar Panels on Tile Roofs and How to Fix Them

How to Keep Your Solar Panels on a Tile Roof Running Smoothly

Improper installation: Solar panels may leak or provide less power if not correctly mounted. Install the solar panels by a skilled contractor who knows your roof's needs.

Solar panels may be damaged by hail, wind, or other weather occurrences. Cracks or other damage to your solar panels should be fixed or replaced immediately.

Leaks from clogged gutters and downspouts: Solar panels may block roof drainage. Remove debris from gutters and downspouts to avoid water backups.

Shadows: Solar panels require direct sunshine to create power. If trees or other things shade your solar panels, they will generate less power. Reduce solar panel shadow.

Loose or damaged wiring: It can cause problems with the performance of your solar panels. Regularly examine your solar system for loose or broken wiring.

Inverter failure: The inverter converts solar panel-generated DC power into home AC. Check your inverter frequently to ensure it works.