Solar panels over parking lots provide shade and generate electricity. Harnessing the power of the sun while offering protection from the elements.

Solar-covered parking lots offer a more pleasant experience for drivers. Say goodbye to scorching hot cars and snow-covered windshields.

Transitioning to solar helps combat the effects of global warming. A crucial step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change.

Increased interest in sustainability may lead to more solar parking lots. 90% of Americans expressed a desire for more solar farms in 2020.

Solar panels can save money in the long run for homeowners and institutions. Enjoy long-term cost savings and reduced reliance on traditional energy sources.

Power purchase agreements allow access to cheaper solar energy. Benefit from purchasing solar power at a lower price compared to alternative sources.

Carports are more expensive than ground-mounted systems. Extra materials, labor, and engineering costs contribute to the higher price tag.

Solar parking lots contribute to sustainability goals and good publicity for institutions. Gain recognition and demonstrate a commitment to renewable energy.

Green consumerism and solar parking lots align. Cater to environmentally conscious individuals by providing sustainable infrastructure.

Solar carports at big-box stores can attract more customers and support electric vehicle charging. Enhance customer experience with covered parking and electric vehicle infrastructure.