Tesla Model 3 gets a 9% battery range boost and faster acceleration.

The updated RWD Model 3 is expected to go on sale in the United States in early 2023

Tesla has launched an upgraded Model 3 in China with a 9% battery range boost and faster acceleration.

The price of the upgraded Model 3 has risen by 12%, surprising many analysts who expected a price cut.

The upgraded Model 3 is reportedly much cheaper to produce than the previous model, which should help Tesla's profit margins.

Tesla will begin delivering the upgraded Model 3 in China in the fourth quarter of 2023. It also has a new front end with slimmer headlights and a revised rear end.

Tesla will also export the upgraded Model 3 to Europe and other key markets in the coming months. Tesla manufactures its own batteries

In Thursday's trading, Tesla's stock price rose, and investors are hoping that the upgraded Model 3 will boost sales and the stock price even more.

Tesla has also faced bad headlines, including claims that it is increasing discounts on the Model 3 and Model Y in North America.  

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The Model 3 is available in three trims: rear-wheel drive, long range, and performance.