New Driving Rule Applicable from 1st September 2023 Texas Drivers Could Be Fired Up to $200 for Covering License Plates; Read First

On September 1, 2023 A new law went into effect in Texas that could lead to jail time and fines for drivers who covered their license plates.

The law prohibits license plate covers that obscure the state name, numerals, or letters.  This includes opaque license plate covers and even stamps or decals, as well as street racing.

A violation of the law is a Class C  with a maximum sanction of $200.  A second offense is a Class B misdemeanor, which entails a maximum fine of $500 and a maximum prison sentence of 180 days.

According to lawmakers, the legislation is required to increase public safety by making it simpler for law enforcement personnel to recognize automobiles.

Drivers who feel the legislation restricts their right to free speech have voiced their disapproval. Texas Department of Public Safety, promises that it will enforce the law without exception.

If you are found hiding your license plate in Texas, you might risk prison time and penalties.  Make sure your dishes are spotless and easily visible at all times.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about the new law: According to the new Texas laws September 1 2023

The law applies to all Texas vehicles, except for law enforcement and hazardous material transport.  Use caution when unsure about vehicle covers.

You must follow these guidelines. That will help ensure your safety. And the safety of others on the road.

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