Caring for your string of pearls can seem daunting at first but with a few easy tricks and a watering schedule

String of Pearls Basics

Native to the southern tip of Africa, the string of pearls plant is easily identified by its trailing vines of pea-like leaves. This succulent is also known as Curio rowleyanus

String of Pearls Plant Care

String of pearls needs well-draining, dry soil to give its roots room to breathe. We suggest using a succulent-specific soil mix 

Potting and Soil


Like jade plants and other succulents, string of pearls thrives when it gets a combination of bright direct and bright indirect sunlight. These plants prefer the soft morning light to be direct


It's important to keep your string of pearl plant's soil moist but never soggy. It's quite easy to overwater this plant

Temperature and Humidity

String of pearls plants prefer to grow in warm temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit during most of the year 


You can supplement your string of pearls plant with fertilizer when it's growing its fastest, during the spring and summer. Every other watering is a good cycle to follow. 


Remember, string of pearls likes a dry, warm climate. If you live in a place where temperatures dip below 50 degrees in the cooler months, go ahead and bring it indoors.