When it comes to home security cameras, there's a dizzying array of options to choose from. let's break down the different types of cameras based on key features.

Indoor Cameras

1. Dome Cameras: Circular or dome-shaped, providing a wide field of view. They are often used in retail stores and homes.

Outdoor Cameras

Bullet Cameras: Shaped like a cylinder or rectangle, ideal for outdoor surveillance. They are often weatherproof and have a long-range capability.

Wireless Cameras

Wi-Fi Cameras: Connect to your home Wi-Fi network, allowing for remote access and control via a smartphone or computer. They are easy to install and versatile.

Wired Cameras

Analog Cameras: Traditional CCTV cameras that transmit video signals through analog cables. They may require professional installation.

Smart Cameras

AI-Powered Cameras: Equipped with artificial intelligence, these cameras can analyze and interpret video data, providing features like facial recognition and object detection.

Specialized Cameras

Doorbell Cameras: Installed on or near the front door, these cameras also serve as video doorbells, providing a view of visitors and allowing for remote communication.

Hidden Cameras

Nanny Cams: Disguised as everyday objects, these cameras are used for discreet monitoring, often in childcare scenarios.

DIY Cameras

1. DIY Home Security Camera Systems: These kits include multiple cameras and a central hub, allowing homeowners to set up their own surveillance system without professional installation.