WHat is VSA Light & how to get fixed if it Is on

Today’s vehicles have the best security features. VSA light is one of those great security features that we primarily get to see in advanced cars like Acura and Hondas.  It’s a warning light that gets turned on when the vehicle stability assist system detects a serious complication. This VSA light Honda tries to warn the car owner about a suddenly aroused trouble inside the vehicle’s system which can lead to skidding.

If you are also wondering what this light really means then here you go. To keep it simple we can say this VSA light says there is something wrong with your Honda.

what does vsa light mean ?

The term VSA stands for Vehicle Stability Assist System.

So it’s quite clear that this VSA light Honda tries to warn about this sudden unstable condition in your vehicle’s system. It often gets activated when a serious issue gets spotted in the control unit of your Honda model.  So you call it the VSA warning light that automatically gets activated to warn you about the instability issues found in your vehicle’s system and wheels.

If you have the same question on your mind then we can say there are multiple causes behind a suddenly activated VSA car light such as

What Causes VSA Light Activation?



Pressing The VSA Button Accidentally


Driving With A Damaged Tire


Damaged  Sensors

Did you press any key accidentally while driving? Because pressing the vsi key mistakenly often activates this VSA warning light. So be thoughtful about your recent activities.

If your vehicle’s tire is dysfunctional then it will eventually turn both the VSA light and check engine light on.

Regardless of the sophistication of your car model, if there is a faulty sensor, you will consistently see the VSA light.

One has to make the right moves to get rid of this VSA light. Here are some suggestions from our end to make each move correct.

How to get your VSA light fixed?


Switch on the VSA button

Sometimes activating the VSA system by pressing the VSA button and then switching it off really works. But this method will only work if your vehicle’s system is all fine and functional.

Proper Inspection On The Tires

Make sure your car tires carrying the right pressure. Furthermore, ensure the wheel’s size and the tire’s size are equal.

Use A Code Scanner

If both of these above methods don’t work then you have to rely on the code scanner. Only this code scanner can assess the actual problems in your vehicle’s system. And understand what things are activating this VSA light.