why vacuum cleaner stopped working


1. Power issues: Check the plug is securely in the outlet, test the outlet with another appliance, and ensure no tripped breakers or blown fuses.

2. Full dust compartment: For bagged models, empty the bag (replace if full). For bagless models, empty the dustbin and ensure filters are clean.

3. Clogged hose or attachments: Unplug and check for blockages in the hose, nozzle, wand, or any attachments. Remove debris and ensure proper connections.

4. Dirty or clogged filters: Clean or replace washable filters as per the manufacturer's instructions. Replace disposable filters if clogged.

5. Overheating: If used extensively, the vacuum might overheat. Let it cool down for 30 minutes before restarting.

6. Brushroll problems: Check for tangled hair, thread, or debris wrapped around the brushroll. Unwind and remove them carefully. Some brushrolls need periodic replacement.

7. Belt problems: Worn or broken belts can affect suction and power. Check if your model uses a belt and inspect it for wear or tear. Consider replacing if necessary.

8. Faulty switch or cord: Look for damage to the power cord or switch. Inspect for exposed wires, fraying, or burning. Avoid using if damaged and consult a professional for repair.

9. Battery issues (cordless models): Ensure the battery is charged and properly seated. Check for damage to the battery or charging base. Replace if necessary.

10. Internal component failure: In rare cases, internal components like the motor or circuit board might malfunction. Consult a qualified repair technician for diagnosis and potential repair.