How to cancel Jio Fiber connection after 1 month?

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Do you plan to move or switch the Jio fiber connection? And I don’t know how to cancel Jio fiber connection. Also, will I get a refund if I cancel Jio Fiber?

Here, I will show you how to terminate your Jio Fiber connection effectively. This guide covers how to cancel Jio Fiber connection as well as some crucial details about Jio Fiber services. It was crafted using research from top websites.

You could disconnect for a lot of reasons, from unsatisfactory broadband speeds to frequent network issues. I want to outline the most straightforward way to unsubscribe from Jio Fiber.

How to cancel Jio fiber connection?

You can cancel your Jio Fiber connection in a few simple steps. You can speak with a representative if you’re on trial. Please provide your registered mobile number (RMN) and any other necessary information. You will be helped to cancel Jio Fiber.

You can cancel your Jio Fiber connection via chat, e-mail, phone call, or WhatsApp. Additionally, you can cancel JioCare and JioFiber through these platforms.

Log into your account on the Jio Fiber website. Log in and select “Manage Connections” to surrender your connection. You’ll need to provide your subscriber ID and reason for cancellation.

If you wish to cancel, be sure to review the terms and conditions before proceeding.

Cancel Your Jio Fiber Connection: A Step-Step Guide

You can navigate the termination of Jio Fiber service smoothly with these three methods. Let’s dive into each method.

Via Customer Care

How to Understand Your Account:

Before initiating the cancellation process, it’s vital to gather all relevant information about your Jio Fiber account.

Contacting Customer Support:

Call Jio fiber cancellation number 1800 893 3399. Be prepared to provide details about your account and explain your cancellation reasons.

How to cancel Jio Fiber connection after 1 month?

Schedule a disconnect.

Customer care will arrange the disconnection of your service, informing you of the specific date and time.

Return equipment:

Ensure you return the router and any other Jio equipment you have.

Finalize the process.

Clear any outstanding dues and confirm with the team that all necessary formalities are completed.

How to cancel jio fiber connection through app

App navigation:

Log in to the MyJio app using your Jio Fiber credentials. Click the “Settings” icon located at the bottom right corner, then select “My Account.”

How to do with MyJio App
How to do with MyJio App


Tap on “Uninstall Jio Fiber” and follow the instructions to complete the disconnection process.

How to cancel Jio fiber connection via email.

Compose an email:

How to surrender Jio fiber connection online? Send an email to Include your Jio Fiber account number or registered mobile number, along with other pertinent information.

write email to jio support
write email to jio support | how to surrender jio fiber connection online

State your reason:

Clearly articulate why you wish to terminate your Jio Fiber connection in the email.

Awaiting Response:

After sending the email, wait for a reply from the Jio Fiber team for further instructions.

Additional Resource: Deactivate Your Jio SIM

For guidance on how to deactivate your Jio SIM, please refer to my article titled “How To Deactivate Jio SIM?”

Raise a JioFiber Internet Complaint

If you encounter issues with your Jio Fiber internet, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Jio App:
  2. Open the Jio app and select the Fiber tab.
  3. Running diagnostics:
  4. Click on “Jio Care”, then select “Run Diagnostics”. Choose a feature and initiate the diagnostic process.
  5. Service Request:
  6. If the issue persists, select “Raise a service request.” Set your preferred date and time for the service and click “Proceed.”
  7. Check Jio fiber cancellation status.
  8. Finally, confirm your request by clicking “Done.”

In this guide, we aim to make canceling Jio Fiber as simple as possible, ensuring you know what to expect at each stage.

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What Happens with Your Jio Fiber Number?

When you terminate your Jio Fiber connection, your Jio Fiber number gets automatically deactivated. The number can no longer be used for calls, texts, or other activities.

If you wish to keep your Jio Fiber number, you must port it to another service provider. If needed, Jio’s customer care can guide you through this procedure.

Jio Fiber numbers become permanently unusable once they have been deactivated.

Future of Your Jio Fiber Account

Jio Fiber accounts are closed when Jio Fiber connections are canceled. If the account is closed, any stored data and personal settings will be lost.

Jio Fiber’s customer care team is available to help you with any questions during this process.

How to handle Jio Fiber

If Jio Fiber rented you equipment, like routers or set-top boxes, these items must be returned upon cancellation. Jio Fiber customers can also return any purchased equipment to Jio Fiber’s customer care team.

Get in touch with Jio Fiber customer care if you need assistance returning equipment.

After you cancel Jio Fiber, Jio’s customer care team plays an important role in facilitating a smooth transition throughout each of these stages.

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FAQHow to cancel Jio Fiber connection

How do I cancel my Jio Fiber connection online? 

If you want to cancel your Jio fiber connection online, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Jio account at
  2. Go to the “Manage Services” tab.
  3. Choose “JioFiber” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click “Cancel Subscription” on the cancellation page.
  5. Click “Submit” after entering your cancellation reason.

Once you submit a cancellation request, you will receive a confirmation email. It will take 24 hours for your connection to be canceled.

Will I get a full refund if I cancel Jio Fiber? 

It is not possible to get a full refund if you cancel your Jio fiber connection. There will be a prorated charge for the remaining days of your billing cycle. If you cancel your contract before the end of the term, you will also be charged Rs. 500 as a penalty.

How do I cancel Jio Fiber and get a refund? 

If you want to cancel your Jio fiber connection and get a refund, follow these steps:

Contact Jio’s customer service department at 1800 889 9999 and request the cancellation of your fiber connection.

Tell the customer service representative your JioFiber account number and the reason you wish to cancel the service.

Customer service will process your cancellation request and initiate a refund.

What is the cancellation period for Jio Fiber? 

You can cancel Jio Fiber 15 days after activation. You will charge Rs. 500 if you cancel within 15 days.

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In conclusion, if you’re planning to terminate your Jio Fiber connection and seeking the most efficient ways to do so, then the above blog helped you. We provided you with three practical methods for canceling your Jio Fiber connection.

In addition, you have gained knowledge about filing a Jio Fiber complaint. Please share any advanced methods you know of terminating Jio Fiber in the comments.

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