How to improve car mileage for better efficiency and performance.

By Light Checkup

17 September 2023

Car mileage is one of the main factor that an individual thinks about when buying a new car. Let's see some tips to improve car mileage.

Press Accelerator Gently


You may slowly and softly press the throttle in order to decrease the consumption of fuel. Have an uniform pressing of acceleration.

Be aware while driving


If you are driving and make sure how the vehicles are moving then you may use acceleration whenever necessary only and it may help in low competition of fuel.

Turn off the engine on signal


One of the good thing you may do is to switch off the engine whenever you reach an signal. This may save your fuel and help in increased mileage.

Don't overload your car 


A car with ideal weight may give better mileage than with heavy load. So try to have an ideal weight on the car for better economy.

 Do ServicE in regular intervals


In order to improve your car mileage it needs to be in proper condition, so servicing may help your car to be properly functional and may give good economy.

Use good fuel


Use fuel with proper density and volume that is required for your car and with good fuel you car may provide better mileage.

In order to get better mileage from your vehicle you may try to use higher gear and low rpm method, which means on higher gear have less speed it may also help in increasing mileage of your car.

If the car is maintained properly and has all it's parts functioning appropriately and if you drive it in a right manner then you may receive higher mileage from your car.

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