Strobe Light -  Uses, Pros and Cons. And Where Are They Used In Shoots?

By Light Checkup

18 September 2023

Strobe lights are compact in size and produces an output in the range of 100-1000 watts. They are most commonly used in studios for photography.

Strobe lights can cover wide range of area by emitting light with high intensity for photography. So photography may become easier for photographers.

Strobe light are powerful than other lights as they have high power output and may be used in outdoor shoots to create various effects.

Also one of the advantages of using strobe lights is that they get recharged quickly which may help photographers in long shoots.

Strobe light comes with an modeling lamp that may help to analyse the flash appearance for the photographers and may save their time.

One of the drawback of strobe light is it's heavy weight which may be difficult to carry with yourself. Also they require proper energy source.

Strobe lights can be costly than other lights and if strobe light is purchased with kit then the prices may also rise even higher.

Strobe lights has some good benefits like providing good effects for shoots while they also have some drawbacks like price and portability.

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