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Top 5 Outdoor Solar Lights For Gardens which are cheap in price

By Light Checkup

16 Sep 2023

XERGY Solar Lights


XERGY Solar Lights is one of the best option when considering for decorating your garden which is of 2200 mAh at price of Rs 3799.

Garden Stake Light


LED Solar Garden Stake Light which can be used for decorating purpose in your home as they have automatic charging and is quite chip at the range of Rs 959.

Homehop Solar Main Gate 


This Lights Are remote control and can be fitted at the entry of your home, which has 10 different colour modes at Rs 1499.

Epyz Solar Light


Epyz Solar Light is in the shape of owl which has capacity to work until 6 to 8 hours without charging, it also has light sensor and it can be bought at Rs 1850.

Preyank Solar lED lights


At Rs 2299 you can get up to 10 pieces of this LED lights. This Lights Are best used for ambient lighting only and not for lighting purpose.

Some of the others solar garden lights for outdoor which are cheap and best are Brightech Ambience PRO, Aogist Solar Ground Lights and UZQIC LED Bright Outdoor Solar Lights.

The solar lights can also work in overcast and Shadow days. But their best performance comes in direct sunlight.

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