An easy way to hang a Rectangle dining room light. Are you ready to learn more?

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Tired of the same circular light fixture? A rectangle dining room light can add instant style and modern edge to your dining space. We have so many beautiful options, whether you love rectangular crystal chandeliers or black rectangle chandeliers!

Not sure how to start? We’ll cover how to choose the right shape and size of light like a rectangle shape light. I will also cover how to hang rectangle dining room lighting, including answers to common questions like how do you hang a rectangular chandelier?

how to choose the right shape and size of light like a rectangle shape light.

What to look for when choosing a rectangular light?

Here’s how to pick the right rectangular shaped light for your dining room:

What Factors to Consider:

Your table shape is most important! A rectangular lighting fixture looks great paired with a rectangular table for a cohesive, balanced look.

For smaller dining rooms, you want a more compact rectangular light to avoid overwhelming the room. Larger rooms can handle a more substantial rectangular light.

There’s a huge range of styles for rectangular lights. Consider your current decor:

  • Lights that are sleek and minimalist
  • Fixtures with rustic wood tones or distressed metal
  • Think crystal chandeliers or more ornate fixtures

Here’s how to size Rectangle dining room light

  • On all sides, the light fixtures rectangular should be 12 inches narrower than your table.
  • A linear light that matches the length of the table looks great, but a large fixture or a bunch of small rectangular lights can also work.
  • Hanging height: The light bottom should be approximately 30-36 inches above the table surface for optimal illumination and headroom.

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How to hang rectangle dining room lighting?

hang a Rectangle dining room light
hang a Rectangle dining room light

Use a voltage tester to confirm that the power is off before working on a circuit. ALWAYS turn off the power to the circuit you’re working on at the main breaker panel.

Ask for help if you’re not comfortable with electrical work or your fixture is heavy.

Tools and supplies:

  • Your rectangular dining room light fixture
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire strippers/cutters
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire nuts
  • Ladder

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How to Install a rectangle dining room light in simple Steps:

Remove the old fixture (if applicable).

Remove the old light fixture from the ceiling, disconnecting the wires.

Assemble the updated fixture:

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This often involves attaching the mounting bracket to the electrical box and pre-wiring the fixture.

Decide where to hang it:

  • Centered: Most rectangular lights look best centered over a table. Measure and mark the center.
  • You can offset the fixture to give it a modern twist, but make sure there’s enough light for everyone.

Secure the mount bracket.

Use heavy-duty drywall anchors rated for your fixture’s weight if the bracket’s desired location falls on a ceiling stud.

  1. Connect the wires: Make sure the fixture wires match the ceiling wires (usually black to black, white to white, and ground to ground or a grounding screw). Put wire nuts on your connections to make sure they’re secure.
  2. Tuck in the wires: Put the wires in carefully.
  3. Mount the fixture: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to attach the fixture canopy.
  4. Install bulbs: Use the recommended bulb type and wattage.
  5. Turn on the power: Turn the breaker back on and admire your rectangle dining room light!

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What’s the best shape for a rectangle chandelier?

The best shape for a rectangle chandelier is, as expected, a rectangle. Rectangular chandeliers provide a cohesive and balanced look to a rectangular dining room, as well as even light distribution across the entire table.

How far down should a light hang from a dining room table?

You want it to be about 30-36 inches up. That gives you good light for eating, but leaves enough headroom so people don’t bump into it.

How big should a chandelier be over a rectangular table?

A good rule of thumb is the chandelier should be around 12 inches narrower than the table on each side. For the length, a super-long table works great with a linear chandelier that runs almost the entire length. But it’s okay to have a large fixture or a cluster of smaller ones!

Do dining room lights have to be centered?

Traditional, yes. But if you want something more modern or unexpected, So you can offset the light fixture a bit. Make sure the entire table gets enough light.

What are those rectangular ceiling lights called?

You see rectangular lights in offices and commercial spaces called troffers. They fit perfectly in standard drop ceiling grids. The troffers used to use fluorescent bulbs, but these days they have LED lights.

How do you hang a rectangular chandelier?

Turn off the power! Safety first – always switch off the circuit at the breaker.

  1. Follow the instructions to assemble the chandelier.
  2. Find the mounting point. It’s best to have it center over the table. The best way to find studs is to use a stud finder.
  3. Install the mounting bracket. Use heavy-duty anchors if there are no ceiling studs.
  4. Connect the wires. Match colors (usually black to black, white to white), and secure with wire nuts.
  5. Hang the chandelier. Attach it to the mounting bracket.
  6. Add bulbs, then turn on the power!

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In conclusion, a rectangle dining room light can be a stunning addition to your dining space, bringing style and modernity.

With plenty of stylish options, whether you’re looking for a rectangular crystal chandelier or a black rectangle chandelier, you’ll find something to suit your style. Your dining table’s size and shape, as well as the height and positioning of rectangle dining room lighting, all matter. This is before hanging one.

Follow these guidelines and think about your style, and you’ll have a well-balanced dining room lighting design that is captivating and well-balanced.

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