Filter Light Dyson V10 Common Issues: How to Fix It

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Filter Light Dyson V10 not working after cleaning filter.
Why is my Dyson filter light flashing after cleaning? I have solutions to help.

Dyson V10 cordless vacuum cleaners have powerful suction, a long battery life, and lightweight designs. It is important to clean the filter on your Dyson V10 regularly. That will maintain suction power and improve air quality in your home.

However, there are a few possible reasons, including why my Dyson filter light flashes after cleaning. The Dyson filter light keeps coming on, and the filter may still be wet. It can be the reason the motor head has failed. It’s possible that the vacuum cleaner is clogged somewhere else.

QUICK Troubleshooting about Filter Light Dyson V10

  • After cleaning the filter, check the filter installation if your Dyson V10 isn’t working. 
  • Make sure that it is fully twisted into place. If the filter is still wet, it will not work properly. 
  • Don’t reinstall the filter in the vacuum until it has dried completely.

Possible Causes for Filter Light Dyson V10 Failure After Cleaning

Filter Light Dyson V10 Common Issues How to Fix It
Filter Light Dyson V10 Common Issues How to Fix It

There are several reasons your Dyson V10 may not work after filter cleaning. 

Some common ones are:

The filter is not installed correctly.

If you want the Dyson V10 to function properly, you need to install the filter correctly.

Check filter installation with these steps:

  1. Remove the vacuum filter.
  2. Check the filter for damage. Replacement filters are needed for broken filters.
  3. Reinstall the filter in the vacuum and tighten it with a clockwise twist.
  4. To verify that the filter is installed properly, try turning on the vacuum.

Is the Dyson V10 filter still wet?

Make sure the filter is completely dry before using it again after cleaning. Next, put it back in the vacuum cleaner. 

If the filter is still damp, it will not perform correctly and may even cause the vacuum to become inoperable.

Then remove the filter from the vacuum cleaner, let it dry on a level surface that has enough ventilation. After the filter in the vacuum cleaner has been totally dried out, replace it.

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There is a blockage elsewhere in the vacuum cleaner.

Dyson V10 vacuum cleaners can get blocked elsewhere besides the filter. They are the trash can, the water supply, and the mop. 

blockage elsewhere in the vacuum cleaner.
Blockage elsewhere in the vacuum cleaner cause Filter Light Dyson V10

These areas can be blocked, reducing or eliminating the vacuum cleaner’s suction power.

Simple steps can be used to check for obstructions throughout the vacuum cleaner:

  1. Remove trash.
  2. Check the dustbin for obstructions. Clear blockages.
  3. Vacuum cleaner hose disconnect
  4. Check the hose for clogs. Clear blockages.
  5. Remove the hose-wand connection.
  6. Check the wand for obstructions. Clear blockages.
  7. Vacuum cleaner hose and wand reconnect.
  8. Turn on the vacuum to check for obstructions.

Your Dyson V10 filter is worn out.

Over time, the Dyson V10 filter can become clogged and worn out. This reduces vacuum cleaner suction and effectiveness. If the filter is broken, a new one must be installed.

Filter Light on Dyson V10
Filter Light Dyson V10 | image source Dyson V10 Support |

Check for damage to see whether the filter is worn. Change a cracked, ripped, or broken filter. Also change the filter if your vacuum cleaner’s suction strength has diminished dramatically.

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Problem with the Dyson V10 motor.

If you have previously tried all of these things and your Dyson V10 still isn’t functioning properly, the issue may be with the motor. This indicates that you will need to take your Dyson vacuum cleaner to a service facility to get it repaired.

Dyson V10 Filter Light
Filter Light Dyson V10

Troubleshooting Tips for Filter Light Dyson V10

If cleaning the filter doesn’t fix your Dyson V10, try these:

  • Check the filter installation.
  • Dry the filter fully.
  • Check for vacuum cleaner obstructions elsewhere.
  • Replace worn filters.
  • Take your Dyson V10 to a Dyson repair shop if it still doesn’t function after checking everything.

If your Dyson V10 vacuum cleaner is still malfunctioning, contact Dyson customer support.

How to Prevent Your Dyson V10 Filter from Clogging

To keep your Dyson V10 filter clean, empty the trash regularly. Keep the filter clean at all times. It is best not to vacuum up things that are damp or sticky.

FAQ: Filter Light Dyson V10

What does the filter light mean on the Dyson V10? 

The filter light Dyson V10 is an indicator that the filter may not be properly installed, be blocked, or need cleaning or replacement. It’s a helpful feature to ensure the vacuum operates at its best.

Why is the filter light staying on my Dyson vacuum? 

If the filter light remains illuminated on your Dyson vacuum, it might mean that the filter hasn’t been secured correctly. It’s still dirty, there’s a blockage somewhere in the vacuum, or the filter has reached the end of its lifespan and needs replacement.

Does the Dyson V10 filter need to be replaced? 

Yes, over time and with regular use, the Dyson V10 filter can wear out and need replacement. While cleaning can maintain its efficiency for a while, every filter has a lifecycle beyond which it’s optimal to replace it for the best performance of the vacuum.

How do I reset my Dyson filter light? 

Most Dyson models allow you to reset the filter light by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds after you’ve cleaned or replaced the filter. However, for particular instructions for your model, please see the owner’s handbook.

Are Dyson V10 filters washable? 

The Dyson V10 filters are designed to be washable. You can keep your vacuum running smoothly with regular washing (once a month, at the very least, but more often if necessary).

It is crucial to wait for the filter to dry fully (usually at least 24 hours) after cleaning it to prevent any damage to the vacuum.

How will I know when to replace my Dyson filter? 

If your Dyson filter has a lingering filter light, reduced suction power, or noticeable wear and tear, replace it. If cleaning doesn’t fix the vacuum, replace the filter.

Remember, always consult your Dyson V10’s user manual for specifics, as there might be slight variations based on the model and the region.

In conclusion, the Dyson V10’s filter is essential for its cleaning performance and the cleanliness of your home. Regularly inspecting and cleaning the filter of your vacuum cleaner is essential for its durability and optimal performance.
Empty the dustbin regularly. After cleaning, dry the filter before putting it back in the vacuum. 

You may need to replace the filter more often in humid or dusty areas. Try a Dyson V10 pre-filter or a home dehumidifier.
This guide will help you fix the filter light on your Dyson V10 vacuum cleaner and your home.

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