How to reset check engine light without disconnect the battery

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Every car owner or driver fears having a check engine light blink on their dashboard. A check engine warning light makes it impossible for a driver to drive. When he looks at the dashboard, he feels dark.

How can you reset the check engine light without disconnecting the battery?

In this blog, we’ll show you how to reset check engine light without disconnecting battery. Here’s how you can reset the check engine light safely. Moreover, you’ll learn how to prevent the light from turning on again in the future. Read on if you want to reset your check engine light without having to disassemble your car!

Let’s see How to reset check engine light without disconnecting battery:

When you drive the car for some miles, the check engine light will turn off on its own without disconnecting the car battery. If the car battery original problem has been fixed, this is possible. You can drive the car if the light refuses to go off.

on/off the engine

Check if the light goes off by turning the car on and off three consecutive times.

When the light won’t turn off, either the method isn’t working for your car or the cause isn’t fixed yet. Then I suggest trying a different method.

Check your gas cap

Make sure your gas cap is tight since a loose cap can cause your check engine light turn to come on. If the gas cap is tightened, the check engine warning light may go on without disconnecting the battery.

Unplug the Engine Control Fuse

car Engine Control Fuse
How to reset check engine light without disconnecting battery

You can turn off your car’s check engine light by removing the engine control unit’s fuse and reinstalling it. Older cars may benefit from this, but newer ones will not. It’s easy to try. Your repair manual will tell you where the fuse is.

Battery Disconnection Technique

You can reset the check engine light without a scan tool by removing the battery terminal for 30-60 seconds. Engine control units in many cars can be reset this way.

Start by removing the negative terminal. Next, press the horn for 20-30 seconds or turn on the lights to drain any available electricity from the capacitor. After your  car’s capacitor has been disconnected, leave it for 10-15 minutes. Connect the battery terminals, tighten them well to avoid sparking, and then start your car.

It means your car stores the error codes anyway if your check engine light remains on after restarting. Since some car models won’t reset the codes regularly check them by removing power, it is highly recommended to reset a check engine and codes with a scanner instead.

Scan or Read OBD codes

Still worried about how to reset check engine light without disconnecting battery? A check engine light can also be cleared by disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes.

You must have an OBD code reader or scanner to clear the fault code. Here are the steps to clear a check engine warning light with an OBD scanner.

How to reset check engine light without disconnecting battery

Install the scanner under the dashboard, usually on the driver’s side. Once the OBD scanner is plugged in, turn the key to the on position and press “read”. Your vehicle may need to be started.. Wait for the reader to read. Once the scan is done, click “erase/clear code” to clear all the codes. After the scanner clears the code, the dashboard check engine light will go out.

Guide to how to scan OBD codes

It is important to note, however, that clearing any warning code with a scanner is a total waste of time if the problem isn’t fixed. It happens because the warning light comes back on after a few miles.

I would suggest clearing the error code that caused any warning light on your dashboard before fixing whatever issue code it caused.

The reason is that sometimes, cars go haywire and give you error codes for faults that do not exist. You know something is wrong with your car if the warning light come back on after clearing the certain error code.

What Is the Benefit of Resetting the Check Engine Light?

If you own a vehicle, you should reset your vehicle’s check engine light on as soon as possible. The check engine light is a warning indicator that will inform the driver when there is an issue with the vehicle’s ignition prior. Drivers can ensure that they are addressing any underlying issues with their vehicle by resetting the check engine light turn and ensuring that nothing gets overlooked by resetting the check engine light.

With a diagnostic tool, you can read a trouble code that is stored in the vehicle’s computer when the vehicle’s check engine light is illuminated. Identifying the cause of the issue and the right repair can be easier when the driver has this code. Resetting the car’s check engine light will clear all of these codes, ensuring any potential vehicle issues have been addressed.

How to reset check engine light without disconnecting battery
How to reset check engine light without disconnecting battery

How to reset check engine light without disconnecting battery? You can also save money by resetting the check engine light in addition to diagnosing any problems with the vehicle. It is easier for the mechanic to pinpoint the issue and repair it quickly and efficiently if the check engine light is reset before taking the vehicle in for diagnostics. Ensure optimal performance and reduce repair costs.

Check engine light reset is extremely beneficial for vehicle owners. The driver can save money and time by addressing any underlying issues. The driver can also drive with peace of mind as the vehicle runs at its best.

What are trouble codes?

A check engine light can be difficult to diagnose and fix. One of the most effective methods is to use a car with check engine function engine or trouble code.

Trouble codes are numbers or letter-number combinations that are generated by the car’s on-board diagnostics system. When the system detects a problem, it examines a variety of inputs into the engine system. A code will indicate the nature and location of the problem.

car trouble codes
car trouble codes | How To Reset Check Engine Light Without Disconnecting Battery

To decipher the code, you’ll need a code reader or scan tool. You can find these tools at auto parts stores or online. The price depends on the features you require. Once you plug in the code reader or scanning scan tool, you can find out exactly what the trouble code is and what it means.

To help you further troubleshoot mechanical problem, you can look up the trouble code online or in a repair manual. Generally, the code will indicate whether the problem is related to fuel or ignition systems. Testing for the underlying problem can begin once the possible causes have been narrowed.

Car engine trouble codes are usually straightforward to diagnose.

For a proper repair, further investigation is necessary, as the code is only a starting point. The right tools and knowledge can help you identify the problem.

obd port

Most car owners know about the OBD port. It provides information about your car’s computer and is commonly found in most vehicles built after 1996. On-Board Diagnostics means inserting diagnostic tools into your vehicle onboard computers so technicians can gather information on the vehicle’s performance.

OBD ports are small rectangular ports found beneath the steering column and wheels. “OBD” or “obd ii port” usually indicates its location. An electronic diagnostic port allows the diagnosis of vehicle computer systems. An engine, gearbox, and other components of modern vehicles can be diagnosed and monitored using this device.

obd port
How To Reset Check Engine Light Without Disconnecting Battery | OBD Port

It is recommended to use OBD ports when diagnosing a vehicle quickly and accurately. With the help of this instrument, technicians can diagnose engine, gearbox, and other issues. It’s more cost-effective and time-efficient to hire a professional.

An OBD port allows you to monitor the engine, gearbox, and other parts of your vehicle. It is possible to optimize engine performance using this data and identify problems before they become more serious.

It is possible to access the car and computer system through the OBD port. The data logs and other information may help a technician troubleshoot a machine.

Today’s cars require an OBD port. Using this device, you can diagnose faults quickly and reliably, tune the car models engine to meet your needs, and access the vehicle’s data records. You should be able to find information about the OBD port in your car’s manual.

bad spark plugs

Bad spark plugs can cause various problems with your car’s engine. As a small but vital component of the engine, spark plugs generate the necessary spark to ignite the fuel and air mixture. Over time, it can cause performance issues ranging from struggling acceleration to engine failure.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, you should replace your spark plugs immediately:

A worn-out spark plug can affect your vehicle’s acceleration.

Spark Plugs
how to reset check engine light without disconnecting battery| image source: Amazon

It can be the culprit behind low fuel economy, causing your engine to burn fuel inefficiently and resulting in higher gas consumption. One of the signs of malfunctioning spark plugs is when the check engine light illuminates on your dashboard.

To avoid further issues, it is best to get your spark plugs replaced by a professional mechanic or with the right tools to do it yourself. It’s essential to use high-quality parts specifically designed for your vehicle as low-quality spark plugs can lead to engine failure.

Replace them soon. If you’re brave and use good parts, you can do it yourself. You can buy from online auto parts stores with competitive price.


So you get a couple of ideas about how to reset check engine light without disconnecting battery. You can also try some other methods, but most won’t work in most modern vehicles and cars. If you drive for only a matter of long time after fixing the problem, the check engine light means will disappear.

You can also read our another blog about Honda Check Engine Light 101: Causes, Diagnosis & Fixes

You can reset a check engine light checked by pulling the fuse from the engine control unit or module or disconnecting negative cable from the battery if your car is old. It won’t work in most newer cars.

In the event of check engine lights or other warning lights, a code scanner tool can be used to reset the codes within seconds without having to disconnect batteries or pull fuses. You can’t ignore one if you have a workshop.

FAQ | How to reset check engine light without disconnecting battery

How do I permanently reset my check engine light?

If you’re looking to reset your check engine light, the first place – step is to identify the cause of the warning. Once you’ve figured out the source of the problem, you can take the appropriate steps to fix it. After that, your check engine light should reset itself. However, if the light doesn’t turn off after the fix, you can reset it manually. During this time, simply disconnect and reconnect the battery. This should reset the check engine light and you should be good to go!

When I start my car, there is a check engine light on, but it runs fine otherwise.

You may still be able to drive your car normally if your check engine light is on. One is that the light may have been triggered by a loose gas cap. Simply tighten the gas cap to resolve the issue. The light can also come on after recent maintenance, such as oil changes. Normally, it will stop after a few engine starts. The engine light may be on because of a malfunction. It’s best to have a mechanic diagnose and repair the car in this case. If the issue has been addressed, the check engine light can be reset.

How does the check engine light work?

When you fix the problem, the check engine light will automatically reset after a full start scanning a certain period fourth time. This usually takes 10-30 cycles. It takes about a second to one cycle for the engine to reach operating temperature from a cold start.

What is emissions test?

The emissions test ensures that a vehicle meets emission regulations. It entails inspecting the exhaust system of a vehicle to determine how much pollution it emits, which is required in most nations. Ensure that your vehicle operates as efficiently as feasible by undergoing emissions testing. The emission test is essential for registering a vehicle or renewing its registration.

emissions test
How To Reset Check Engine Light Without Disconnecting Battery

Visual inspection of the exhaust system is typically included in the evaluation. It is also important to check the catalytic converters. A vehicle’s exhaust emissions are measured using an on-board diagnostic system. It is computer controlled system that measures the quantity of emissions produced by the exhaust system in accordance with government regulations. It may be necessary to alter or modify the vehicle to pass the emissions test.

What is the best way to reset an engine check light?

Fixing the problem and driving for just a handful of while can reset the check engine light. If you want to reset the engine control unit, you can remove the battery terminals.

When does the check engine light go out?

It takes around 10-30 successful cycles before the check engine light goes off double check if you fixed the problem. A successful cycle is when the engine warms up from a cold start.

What is smog check?

Many US states require smog checks. Smog checks detect high-emitting automobiles and guarantee they fulfill criteria. Smog checks include exhaust, fuel, and other system tests. State-specific smog checks may include emissions system visual inspections. Most states require smog checks for vehicles over five years.

Smog checks include exhaust system and other vehicle inspections. The technician evaluates car emissions to state norms. The specialist may recommend fixing or changing the vehicle’s emissions system to comply.

What is the easiest way to reset the check engine light?

Check engine light can be reset without disconnecting the battery using an OBD2 scanner. The check engine light will go away by itself if you drive for enough time after fixing the problem.

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