How to Reset Your Check Engine Light | 4 Ways To Clear It (With or Without a Scanner)

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How to reset your check engine light without a scanner? This is one of the most frequently hunted queries in the internet. And people who raise such query almost have a familiar experience regarding their check engine light. Let’s just assume you are driving your car on a fine clear road and all of sudden your car’s dashboard starts hitting a strange yellow light. Can you recognize this light? It’s called a check engine light. Every car driver must have come across such check engine light pops up at least once in their life. And in such a situation, you all do just one thing.

You ask Google how to reset your check engine light without a scanner? Because most number of car drivers doesn’t carry a scanner with them.

Here we have 4 other methods, that can help you deal with this super stubborn issue.

Follow switch on and off method for thrice
How to Reset Your Check Engine Light
How to Reset Your Check Engine Light

You certainly don’t have a scanner with yourself so what here you can do to reset the check engine light, is turn the car ignition switch on and off three times. To keep it simple let’s just say turn your car on and off for thrice. This is like the easiest remedy to get rid of this check engine light. Sometimes restarting the fuse of the car again and disconnecting the battery again powers the car’s electronic system and re-examines the detected issues. And if the issue gets resolved by its own then the check engine light also automatically gets disappeared.

But if you see this light is still flashing on your board even after trying hard reset get this hack then your engine might have some serious issues that require professionals’ help.

Use the battery disconnection technique

Sometimes this car battery disconnection technique works like a magic. So instead of repeatedly asking this how to reset your car’s check engine light without a scanner to the internet you can try this car battery disconnected on method once.

This method aims to reduce a very specific memory from the car’s onboard diagnostic system, and it’s called the Electronic Control Unit. By removing this specific check engine light control unit memory, this car battery terminals on method tries simple trick.

How to Reset Your Check Engine Light | 15 minutes
How to Reset Your Check Engine Light | 15 minutes

To eliminate the detected complications from your car’s onboard diagnostic system, your car’s capacitor onboard diagnostic system too. And when the complications from emission engine control unit in your vehicle ignition your car’s capacitor onboard diagnostic system get erased. The check engine light eventually stops hitting your vehicle ignition dashboard.

Let’s follow the drive-your-car strategy

People who ask this question how to manually reset your check engine light code without a scanner obviously don’t have scanner to detect and solve the aroused issues. So what else they can do? They can simply try this easy hack. Drive your car and let it go off by itself. Sometimes this method works like magic. If your check engine light code detects minor problems then it automatically stops showing to manually reset the check engine light after a while.

Keep driving method really works.

Here a lot of people raise some queries like should you continue driving when my check engine light is on. How to reset your check engine light without first by disconnecting the negative cable from the battery or black cable from the battery from the battery. If you also have similar questions then let us tell you one thing that you should only follow this drive your car strategy when you are quite sure that there is nothing major serious with your car.

If you know your car is already having some intermittent problem with damages sensors or loose gas cap and caps. Then it’s advised that don’t clear your gas cap or your check engine light without the first sign getting it fixed or at least scanned.

Rent or purchase an OBD2 code scanner

When none of these above listed techniques work you need to follow the ultimate method. The Easiest Way to Read OBD2 Car Codes is having a well functional OBD2 scanner. If you already know the codes then you can just Purchase, Rent, or Borrow an OBD-II Code Scanner. Or else you can take help from professionals to get your car’s engine scanned and fixed.

Having a scanner is the easiest way to read OBD2 car codes. But if you are not well-versed with this code reading process then we would suggest you to just contact a professional team of car repairers.

OBD | How to Reset Your Check Engine Light
OBD | How to Reset Your Check Engine Light

How do I reset my check engine light without a scanner?

Here are some FAQs with available answers

You are not the one who has this question how to reset your check engine light or the obd scanner or reader. Without a scanner on their vehicle’s computer or car’s computer in mind. A lot of people frequently raise this question or raise queries related to underlying issue of how to reset the check engine lights or the obd scanner or check engine light or the obd reader or scanner without an on the go obd reader or scanner with this question.

So here we have found the most searched questions in the internet with some relevant answers.

Why does my check engine light turn on and off intermittently?

Your check engine light can turn on and off intermittently due to different reasons across car models. Sometimes it’s just a damaged sensor that activates your check engine light turn off on warning light. Sometimes it can be a dysfunctional spark plug. Or sometimes it can be a super minor issue across car models by disconnecting the battery and car models like a loose gas cap. So you see there are different reasons that car models and car battery can cause this intermittent problem double the check engine light, it here across car models.

What causes the check engine light to turn on?

Your system activates this check engine light when it detects some issues in the vehicle, oxygen sensors, obd2 scanner, obd ii scanners, obd2 scanner part, port, obd2 scanner system part or car’s engine. A damaged oxygen sensor, toxic emission, and faulty plugs are the most certain issues here. But to diagnose the real issue with more clarity you can use a paperclip to access your diagnostic, trouble codes and error codes.

This may help you to see stored trouble codes, read the error codes, and diagnose the root cause of the actual issue detected by warning lights in your vehicle, obd2 scanner, obd ii scanners, port or engine.

5 engine problem - How to Reset Your Check Engine Light
5 engine problem – How to Reset Your Check Engine Light

How long does it take for the check engine light special tool to reset a check engine light?

Sometimes the check engine light reset toting the check engine light feels like a never-ending task. If you don’t have a scanner then it might take longer. Because most of the time this engine light doesn’t get an automatic reset. And in such condition, you shouldn’t drive as driving could damage your car- find out why your check engine light is on. If you visit a professional car repairing service then it may hardly take 15-30 minutes to get the entire check engine light resetting process done.

What is trouble code?

A car engine part code reader or vehicle engine light trouble code is a diagnostic code stored in the car’s computer when there is a problem with the car model’s engine light. The code can be used by a mechanic to check engine lights, diagnose the vehicle or mechanical problem and make repairs nearly every vehicle.

Here are some of the symptoms of a car engine light trouble code:

  • Check engine light is on
  • Engine misfire
  • Rough idle
  • Hesitation or jerking during acceleration
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Black smoke from the exhaust

Here are some of the causes of a car engine light trouble code:

Bad spark plugs
  • Bad fuel injectors
  • Bad oxygen sensors
  • Catalytic converter problems
  • Engine misfires
  • Engine vacuum leaks
  • Engine overheating
  • Engine oil leaks

If you have a car engine light trouble code, it is important to have the root cause of the problem diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible. Ignoring the problem can lead to more serious engine damage.

What is OBD Port?

OBD port, or On-Board Diagnostics port, is a standardized connector that is used to connect a diagnostic tool to a vehicle’s computer. The OBD port is located under the dashboard of most vehicles. It is usually marked with a symbol that looks like a car with a wrench inside of it.

The OBD port can be used to the emission control system to retrieve diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from the vehicle’s manual engine control unit’s computer. A DTC is a code the vehicle’s manual engine control unit or computer generates when it detects a problem with the emission control system or the vehicle’s emissions system. The DTCs can be used by a mechanic to diagnose the problem and make repairs.

The OBD connector allows access to real-time car computer data including engine RPM, fuel trims, and air-fuel ratio. This data can be used by a mechanic to tune the vehicle’s engine or to troubleshoot problems.

Does the check engine light turn off automatically after repair?

This switch on the light and off light technique is a simple trick and sometimes a temporary solution to severe problems. If your engine is having some serious complications then you can’t hide the off-light problem forever, the light will come back on. So if you really want to get rid of this light you have to diagnose the problems first and then repair the problematic parts with the help of professionals. If the repair process gets successful then this light will automatically go off. And you will no longer see your dashboard is flashing a weird light.

Do I need special tool to turn off my check engine light?

Certainly yes. If your check engine light pops or gets diagnosed with some serious problems then you will need some tools like new spark plugs, a well-functional gas cap or some sensors. Also to diagnose and reset the check engine part issue you will need scan tool or an OBD2 error code scanner at the very early stage of repairing mechanical problem. Without these tools, you won’t be able to complete disconnect the battery at first sign of this check engine light, by disconnecting the battery or reset a check engine light resetting process. And sometimes unavailability of such tools can make you feel confused, puzzled and restless.

car engine | How to Reset Your Check Engine Light
car engine | How to Reset Your Check Engine Light

Without these tools you can’t turn off warning lights and double check the lights or this check engine light error code. This warning light error code and this double check the light and check engine light error code will keep bothering you until you get it fixed. So here we advise you not to waste any more time and take your car to a reputed repair shop.

Can clearing the check engine light make your car fail smog testing?

Sometimes driving the car for a long time eventually switches off the car’s check engine
light. Or sometimes even this switch on and off method surprisingly works. But if there is any
real issue that remains unresolved then none of these above methods will make sense. You
may get rid of your check engine light on a temporary manner but your car won’t pass this
smog or emission test. So clearing the check light shouldn’t be the goal, the real goal should
be clearing the issues detected in the engine so that this light goes off automatically.

If you are looking for some auto parts stores or code reader that will help you to identify misfiring engine issues or negative cables. Then you can get some top-selling auto parts stores or code readers on Amazon.

We hope now you have all the needed information related to how to reset check engine light without scanner this how to reset check engine light without a scanner. So do not panic, do not overthink. Just follow our leads. We hope it works.

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