Real or fake security cameras: how to spot a fake security camera

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You are going to purchase a security camera. But you don’t know what is real or fake about security cameras. How can you spot a fake security camera? There are various methods to identify a real security camera.

In this blog, we will help you decide whether using fake security cameras outdoors that seem authentic is a smart idea.

fake security cameras

What is a real security camera?

A real security camera monitors and records activity in a specified area to improve safety and security. Cameras with working features and technology may collect video for surveillance, crime prevention, and investigation.

Real security cameras include high-resolution lenses, infrared night vision, motion detection sensors, and the capacity to link to recording devices or networks. They are usually part of a security system with monitoring software, storage, and remote access.

Real security cameras can discourage and record crime, unlike fraudulent ones.

Exactly what is a fake safety camera?

Fake security camera websites seem authentic but don’t operate. Decoy cameras are sometimes called fake cameras. Their sizes and forms vary, and some feature red lights and motion detectors.

Outdoor fake cameras are inexpensive, but they are built of substandard materials and may not have lenses. Some use them outside their houses to deter intruders.

However, these fake cameras are useless. Intruders can’t deceive you or stop them from accessing your house.

Why should you not buy fake security cameras? How do I spot a fake security camera?

identify fake security camera
identify fake security camera

Not Always Cheaper: 

People often think fake cameras are cheaper, but that’s not always true. Some real cameras are affordable, like the Reolink RLC-410 outdoor camera, which costs less than $50. You might even save on insurance costs with real cameras, and watching for special deals can help you save money.

Burglar Smarts: 

Don’t underestimate burglars. They can tell the real from the fake. Blinking lights, missing cables, and moving lenses give fake cameras away. If they notice fakes outside your place, they might see it as an easy target.

fake security cameras

Fakes don’t catch real actions. 

Real cameras capture actual thieves in the act. Fakes, however, only look like they’re doing something. They don’t actually record anything useful.

No remote access

Fake security cameras can’t be checked remotely. This means you can’t use your phone to see what’s happening at your place when you’re not there.

Real cameras are different. They let you look at your place from your phone, even if you’re far away. This is really convenient and helps you feel secure.

Thus, fake security cameras for homes lack this crucial function. Like having a camera that doesn’t help you monitor things.

Alerts Missing: 

When something goes wrong, fake cameras don’t tell you. They don’t send alerts if there’s movement or trouble.

Real security cameras are helpful here. They notice when things move and send you alerts. This way, you’ll know if anything’s occurring at home even if you’re away. Real cameras offer critical notifications, while fraudulent ones don’t. It’s like missing out on a signal that could help you protect your place.

Risk of Exposure: 

Using fake cameras for security can be risky. Neighbors might figure out they’re fake and spread the word. This could attract more crime to your area.

Legal Troubles: 

Using fake cameras that seem real can lead to legal problems. It’s possible that you could face legal action for giving people a false sense of safety. If they discover their security cameras are fakes.

Mixing Real and Fake: 

When using real and fake security cameras side by side, the fakes are obvious. The contrast between them and the actual thing is obvious.

It won’t work to fool people by combining genuine and phony cameras. The differences stand out, and the fake ones don’t do what they’re supposed to. It’s like having a secret that everyone can easily figure out.

fake security cameras

check up security camera

Lack of Proof: 

When a crime occurs, fake cameras can’t give you any proof. They can’t record the thief’s face or what they do, so they’re not helpful for showing what happened.

Real security cameras are the opposite. They capture everything, like the thief’s actions and face, which can be used as evidence.

So, using fake security cameras won’t help you prove anything if something bad occurs. It’s like having a camera that doesn’t really do its job when you need it most.

Getting Real Cameras: 

Google security cameras are easy to find. You can buy them from stores, online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, and even certain company websites. They’re often reasonably priced and readily available.

Alternatives to Fake Security Cameras for Crime Prevention

Real security cameras deter crime more than false ones. These cameras may dramatically reduce theft and break-ins.

Home burglary statistics show that actual security camera systems cut burglaries by 300%. 

However, fake security cameras Amazon may attract thieves and increase the theft risk.

Other burglary deterrents may be used with genuine security cameras.

Remember to emphasize real security. Stay focused and pick genuine security cameras that safeguard, not fraudulent ones suggested for profit.

Do fake security cameras have a red light?

Fake security cameras seem authentic but don’t operate. They lack lenses and are composed of inexpensive materials. Some assume false security cameras may trick burglars, but they can’t. Genuine security cameras are expensive, constructed of high-quality materials, and feature lenses. If a security camera seems suspicious, presume it’s phony.

fake security cameras

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Do fake security cameras deter thieves?

Fake security cameras may discourage burglars, although this is debatable. Some feel they deter, while others say they don’t. No agreement exists on this subject.

How can you spot a bogus security camera? 

Fake security cameras often lack details like blinking lights, missing cables, or random lens movements. These clues can help you spot them. Also, real cameras usually have features like motion detection and remote access, which fakes don’t provide.

Why use fake security cameras? 

Some individuals use false security cameras to provide the appearance of security at little expense. They may dissuade thieves with false cameras. Using false cameras alone may not protect you.

What is a dummy security camera?

 Dummy security cameras are non-functional imitations of actual security cameras. It looks like a camera but doesn’t record.

fake security cameras

testing security camera

How do you make a fake security camera look real?

A fake security camera should match the real cameras in your area. Use LED lights, realistic cabling, strategic placement, weatherproofing, and warning screens. Use multiple fakes with slight movement and avoid obvious flaws like unrealistic wi-fi.


Fake security cameras deter casual wrongdoers but may not deter determined criminals. Furthermore, fake cameras may not provide enough security. If you want complete security, look into lighting, locks, and real security systems.

Is it illegal to have dummy CCTV cameras? 

The legality of using dummy CCTV cameras varies depending on your jurisdiction. Dummy cameras are permitted in certain countries if they don’t provide a false sense of security. Fake cameras used to mislead might be prohibited in other places. Check the local laws and regulations.

Do fake cameras have a red light?

Some fake security cameras have red lights, but not all of them. Security cameras’ status lights are generally red; hence, the red light is widely employed. But there are also bogus security cameras without lights.

Do real security cameras have red lights?

Not all actual security cameras have red lights. The red light typically indicates recording. There are also actual security cameras without illumination.

Is a security camera’s red light recording?

Not necessarily. Safety cameras have red lights that stay on even when not recording. The red lights on other security cameras only turn on when recording.

Do home security cameras blink red?

Some home security cameras glow red when recording. This generally alerts people that the camera is filming. Also, some home security cameras don’t glow red while recording.

What does a hidden camera’s red light indicate?

Hidden camera status lights are red to signal that the camera is on. However, some covert cameras have no lighting.

fake security cameras

security camera

How can you spot a security camera? 

Modern security cameras may be inconspicuous and hard to see. However, a camera with a flashing light, a moving lens, or a lens following your motions may be recording. Many security cameras blend in, making it hard to tell whether they’re filming.

In conclusion, you learned how to identify fake security cameras. Remember that security cameras, real or fake, dissuade thieves. You must also respect others’ privacy and not interfere with security cameras. 

Buy actual security cameras to secure your house or company. Choose the choice that protects you and your property, not the prettier one.

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