Geeni Camera offline? 6 Fixes to Reconnect a Geeni Camera to WiFi

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Is your Geeni Camera offline? And you have no idea why my Geeni camera keeps getting offline. Geeni cameras offer affordable and effective home security. But how do I reconnect the Geeni camera to WiFi?

In this article, we will discuss Geeni camera blinking red issues and how to reset Geeni camera.

How to troubleshoot – Geeni Camera offline

There are several steps you can take to identify and resolve the problem if your Geeni device is constantly offline.

If your device is not working, here is a complete guide to getting it working again:

Check the power connection.

Connect your Geeni device to a power source properly. Check the outlet for a working outlet, inspect the power cord for damage, and verify if the device has a physical power button. Check other home devices for power outages.

Verify your Internet connection.

Your Geeni device can become offline due to an unstable or weak internet connection. Check to see if other devices are connected to the internet, restart your router, and make sure your router settings have not changed. Contact your ISP or Geeni support if the issue persists.

Move Device Closer to Router

It could be that your Geeni device isn’t working due to a weak Wi-Fi signal. If you want a stronger signal, move your device closer to your router. Your device will stay connected and work better.

Update Device Firmware

Keep your Geeni devices updated for optimal performance and bug fixes.

Geeni Camera offline
image source: Geeni

Follow the on-screen instructions and give the update process enough time to complete within the Geeni app.

Check for server outages

You may experience temporary downtime on Geeni servers occasionally. Check Geeni’s official website or social media channels for server outages. If it’s a long-term outage, it might be fixed soon.

Power cycle the device.

Power cycles resolve temporary glitches or programming bugs. If possible, unplug your Geeni device or use the power button (if available). Restart it after 30 seconds.

How to fix geeni device offline
How to fix Geeni camera device offline

Your Geeni device may still be offline after trying all of these troubleshooting steps. Geeni customer support can help you.

Is Geeni Camera offline on Android?

If your Geeni device is offline, here are the main reasons why:

  • Geeni won’t connect if your internet is unstable or broken. Check if your internet is stable.
  • A power outage or surge can disconnect your device. You may need to check your power source.
  • If you’ve changed your router settings, your device might not connect. Connect your device to the right Wi-Fi.
  • Router or internet provider changes can cause connection problems. Connect your device to the updated network with the correct password.
  • If everything else is fine but your device remains offline, it might be a device issue.

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Try these things to fix your offline Geeni camera on Android:

Restart the Geeni camera and the router.

Allow 30 seconds to pass after you unplug your Geeni camera from the power source.

Once the Geeni camera is plugged in, wait until it restarts.If your router does not respond after 30 seconds, unplug it and wait 30 seconds.Plug your router back in to restart it.

Verify that your Wi-Fi works.

Connect your Android device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Geeni camera. You should check your Wi-Fi network’s signal strength. If your Geeni camera is not receiving strong signals, you may need to move it closer to your router.

Restart your wireless router if the problem persists.

Use the latest Geeni app version.

Check out the Geeni app on Google Play. Tap the Update button if an update is available.

Reset the Geeni camera to factory settings.

Your Geeni camera has a reset button. Find it. Usually, it is a small, recessed button. Press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds with a paperclip or another sharp object. It will restart and you will need to set it up again.

After trying all the steps, if your Geeni camera is still offline, you may need to contact Geeni customer support.

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FAQ: Geeni Camera offline

How do I link Geeni to Google Home?

If your Geeni lights aren’t showing up in Google Home, here’s a simplified guide to fixing the issue:

First, make sure your Geeni lights work in the Geeni app. If they respond well there, the issue might be with the Google Home connection.

Your Geeni lights and Google Home devices should be on the same Wi-Fi network. Ensure your Wi-Fi is stable.

how to reconnect Geeni camera to Wifi
how to reconnect Geeni camera to Wifi

Sometimes, disconnecting and reconnecting your Geeni account to Google Home fixes the problem. Power cycle your Geeni lights and Wi-Fi router.

Plug them in after 30 seconds, then unplug them. Keep your Geeni and Google Home apps updated. Check your app store for updates.

If Geeni has server problems, connectivity issues can occur. Check online or contact Geeni support to find out. Remove your Geeni lights from Google Home and add them back. 

This can fix connection issues. As a last resort, you can factory reset your Geeni lights. Be aware that you’ll lose all your settings.

If nothing works, contact Geeni customer support for further assistance. They might have more solutions for you.

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Why is my Geeni camera blinking red?

Geeni cameras blink red when they are in pairing mode and ready for Wi-Fi. You’ll see this when you set up the camera.

If the Geeni camera keeps going offline when connected to Wi-Fi, it may be a signal of a problem with the connectivity or the camera itself. Your Geeni camera may blink red for these reasons:

If your Wi-Fi signal is weak, your Geeni camera may have trouble maintaining a connection. Use a Wi-Fi extender or move the camera closer to the router to improve the signal.

Check your Wi-Fi router for issues. If your network is down, try restarting your routerWi-Fi credentials are incorrect. Check your Wi-Fi password before connecting to the camera. Check the password for typos and extra spaces.

After trying the above steps, if the camera blinks red, there might be a hardware problem.

Why did Geeni fail to build an encryption channel? And How to Fix?

Errors in constructing an encryption channel mean Geeni can’t establish a secure connection.

There are several reasons for this, including:

  • Weak Wi-Fi signals can cause unstable connections. Try a Wi-Fi extender or move the camera closer.
  • Troubleshoot your Wi-Fi router. Check if your network is down or restart your router.
  • Connect the camera with the right Wi-Fi password. Verify the password to make sure it’s not a typo.
  • Update the Geeni app. You can update your store.
  • Ensure that your Geeni camera’s firmware is up-to-date. A firmware update can cause connectivity issues. Geeni updates firmware through its app.
  • It is possible that your firewall or router settings block Geeni’s connection. It may be necessary to disable firewall or router restrictions.
  • Geeni’s servers sometimes go down. Look in the online forums for any problems with the Geeni server.
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