How to check CCTV footage on mobile App in Real-Time: Try 5 Simple Steps

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Do you worry about the security of your business premises? And you wonder how to check CCTV footage on mobile app? In 2024, security cameras become more popular. You can now check CCTV footage from your smartphone. You can easily view CCTV footage with a mobile app on either an iPhone or an Android phone. But you are not sure which app views CCTV footage.

In this blog, we will guide you through the simple steps on how to check CCTV footage on mobile app from anywhere with an internet connection. This will ensure your safety and peace of mind.

5 Steps: How to check CCTV footage on mobile

A mobile device can be a convenient way to monitor your property remotely. Let’s discuss how to check CCTV footage on mobile devices.

Here are five steps to access and view CCTV footage on your mobile:

Step 1: Download the Mobile App

The first thing you need to do is get the security camera app for your phone. For most types of security cameras, you can get apps from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Make sure to install the correct app for your camera model.

Step 2: How to Connect Your Camera to the App

You will need to connect your camera to the app after you have downloaded it. Most of the time, you can enter the serial number or read a QR code on the camera.

How to Connect Your Camera on Mobile App

Or follow the manufacturer’s instructions to connect the system to your Wi-Fi network or through a wired connection.

Step 3: Access the Live Feed

After connecting your camera, open the app and choose your camera to see the live feed. A pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera will let you see a live feed of your property and let you move the camera around.

Step 4: View Recorded Footage

On the app, you can access the playback feature or the ‘Library’ option to view recorded footage. This feature allows you to view footage from a specific date and time. You can also search for footage based on motion detection or other events.

Step 5: Save Footage on Your Mobile Device

If you need to save footage from your mobile device, most apps have download features. This allows you to save footage directly to your mobile device for future use.

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Tips for Checking CCTV Footage on Mobile

So you know about how to check CCTV footage on mobile. Here are some tips to remember when checking CCTV footage on your mobile device:

Tips for Checking CCTV Footage on Mobile
  • You’ll want to make sure your mobile device has a stable internet connection.
  • Make sure the camera records footage when motion is detected or at specific times.
  • Check the app for software updates to ensure your camera functions properly.
  • You can access footage on your computer if your mobile device isn’t working.

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Mobile video surveillance vs. Traditional CCTV systems

What is the difference between a mobile camera and a CCTV camera? Mobile video surveillance has many advantages over traditional CCTV systems. I’ve compared the two below:

Mobile video surveillance vs. Traditional CCTV systems

How easy to access

Mobile video surveillance allows remote access to live and recorded footage. While traditional CCTV requires you to be physically present at the location.

Who provides better cost?

The cost of mobile video surveillance is lower than that of traditional CCTV systems. A mobile video surveillance system only requires a camera and an internet connection. Whereas traditional systems require costly equipment and installation.

Simple and easy to use

A mobile video surveillance system is easier to install and use than a traditional CCTV system. A mobile video surveillance system is easy to operate and set up, unlike traditional systems.

Which offers better flexibility

A mobile video surveillance system offers greater flexibility than a traditional CCTV system. With mobile video surveillance, you can access footage from a smartphone, computer, or laptop, rather than just a monitor as with traditional systems.

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Mobile video monitoring for better security

Mobile video monitoring raises the bar for mobile security cameras. You hire a team of security professionals to monitor your property remotely. This means that instead of motion recognition or real-time alerts, your property is constantly watched over by a team of experts.

Mobile video monitoring for better security
How to check CCTV footage on mobile App in Real-Time

This is helpful for businesses with valuable items or people who want to add an extra layer of security to their homes. No matter where you are, mobile video tracking will always keep an eye on your home.

Advantages of Mobile Surveillance

Smartphones and tablets provide various benefits for security camera monitoring:

  • You can watch your security videos from anywhere with an internet link.
  • When your tracking system finds something out of the ordinary, you’ll get a warning right away.
  • You can see a lot of cameras at once, so you can keep an eye on a large area. Watch live video to quickly respond to possible security problems.
  • Most modern apps for spying are simple to use.
  • It costs less than standard systems because it doesn’t need as much extra gear or people to keep an eye on it.
  • Cloud storage makes it easy to find and listen to old records. A lot of systems work with smart home gadgets to make them safer.

Mobile monitoring is an easy and effective way to keep an eye on your business or property because it has many benefits.

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FAQs that people ask on how to check CCTV footage on mobile

Can I access CCTV footage remotely?

You can access CCTV footage remotely using an app on your mobile device or an internet-connected device. You can use this way to watch saved or live CCTV video from anywhere with an internet link.

How can I see hidden CCTV?

You can use a hidden camera detector app on your smartphone to detect hidden CCTV cameras. Your device’s sensors can detect electromagnetic fields and other signals from concealed cameras, which may help you find them.

Is there a universal app for security cameras?

Not all security cameras work with the same camera applications, however, numerous surveillance apps work with most CCTV systems. Hey there! If you want to check out CCTV video on your phone, you’ve got a few alternatives. You may use apps like iVMS-4500, XMEye, or gDMSS Lite. They’ll let you examine the footage from your mobile device. Pretty cool, right?

Is there a free security camera app?

Yes, there are several free security camera apps available for both iPhone and Android users. Some popular options include Alfred, AtHome Camera, and IP Webcam. These apps allow you to access and view CCTV footage remotely on your mobile device.

Which app is best for watching CCTV on an iPhone?

One of the best apps for watching CCTV on an iPhone is the “iVMS-4500” app. This app allows you to remotely view live video, playback recorded footage, and control CCTV cameras from your iPhone.

Alternatively, the iDVR-PRO is another option. There are three models of the newly released iDVR-PRO: one for analog CCTV cameras, one for 720p HD cameras, and one for 1080p HD cameras.

Can I connect my security camera to my phone without Wi-Fi?

There isn’t a way to connect your phone to your security camera without Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi lets you send video from a camera to your phone so you can watch CCTV images from afar. Your camera and app may, however, let you do things in other ways.

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In conclusion, now you know how to check CCTV footage on mobile. Mobile security cams make it easy and cheap to keep an eye on your property. 

With live and recorded video on your phone, you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere, at any time. 

You can use your phone to access CCTV footage on your property if you follow these steps.

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