Indoor Fireplace Heater with Blower: Blower Pros, Cons & Expert Tips

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Indoor fireplace heaters with blowers offer a brilliant solution. These modern heaters provide the comfort of a fire without the hassle.

An elegant indoor fireplace heater with blowers would make your living room cozy. Because these heaters distribute heat efficiently, they look great. 

Basically a blowers circulate air around the heating element. This moving air keeps even chilly spots comfortable. You can even turn down your main heater.

Fireplace heaters with blowers are available in electric and other fuel options. 

There are many styles to choose for the heater. So you can find one that looks great in your home.

How do I heat my whole house with a fireplace?

Indoor Fireplace Heater with Blower are great to warm up a room. But they don’t heat your whole house.

Home heating is most cost-effective and efficient with central heating. Heating devices like heat pumps and furnaces add warmth.

What Role of Blowers in Heat Distribution?

Fireplace blowers draw cool air from the room. After that, it’s pushed over the fireplace’s heat source (firebox, electric heating element, etc). Once it’s warm, it goes back in.

When heated air rises, it naturally creates convection currents. The current circulates slightly warmed air. It increases the heat of the fireplace.

Blowers use fireplace heat. It circulates warm air through a blower. The fire area will not have stagnant water.

Strategies for Wider Heat Distribution

  • Open Space Advantage: Fireplaces with blowers can easily heat connected spaces.
  • Fans as Helpers: You can blow warm air into other rooms. They use regular boxes or ceiling fans.
  • Think of it as a helper: A fireplace helps your main heating system. But it couldn’t do the whole job by itself.

Benefits of Indoor Fireplace Heater with Blower

Benefits of Indoor Fireplace Heater with Blower
  • Enhanced Warmth: The blower pushes warm air from the fireplace into the room. That makes the room warm faster. You feel the warmth throughout the space.
  • Energy Savings: A blower helps your fireplace heat the room better. Turn down your thermostat a bit. That may save you money on heating bills.
  • Even-Heat: The blower moves warm air around the room. That gets rid of cold spots and drafts. Every part of the room feels cozy.
  • Ambiance: You still get a fireplace’s warm glow and flickering flames. The blower also spreads the heat, adding extra comfort.

How efficient is a gas fireplace with a blower?

Gas fireplaces heat well. A blower makes them even better! They become even more efficient at heating your room. You can add a blower to your fireplace. And it will increase efficiency significantly.

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Types of Indoor Fireplace Heaters

1. Electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are convenient and safe. They add warmth and ambiance to your home. Plug them in and enjoy the fire’s glow – easy to use! Electric fireplaces are secure and come in a variety of styles. Plus, these fireplaces are clean – no mess with ash or smoke!

2. Gas-Powered Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are great for both looks and warmth. They use gas to create flames that look very real. 

These fireplaces also put out a lot of heat. That makes the area a good choice to keep your space cozy. However, they typically need a venting system to remove the fumes the gas produces safely.

3. Wood/Pellet Inserts

Want the charm of a real fireplace? Wood or pellet inserts fit right into your existing fireplace. They burn cleaner and more efficiently than a traditional fireplace. But you still get the crackling flames and cozy wood smell. They’re lovely and toasty, but expert installation is required.

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How to Choose the Right Fireplace Heater with a Blower

How to Choose the Right Fireplace Heater with a Blower

1. Room Size Matters

Calculate the square footage of your room (length x breadth). Next, find a heater that produces the right number of heat (in BTUs) for the size of your space.

Small heaters don’t warm the space well, while large ones are uncomfortable.

2. Style is Key

Do you want a freestanding fireplace? A classic insert that goes in the wall or a fireplace with a mantel?

You can choose a style that looks great with your existing decor and furniture.

3. Pick Your Fuel Type

  • Electric: Super easy to use, lots of style options, no venting needed.
  • Gas: Realistic flames, great heat output. But it would help if you usually had venting.
  • Wood/Pellet: Traditional feel, good for those with a fireplace opening.

4. Features Make It Fun

  • Thermostat: Helps you control the temperature perfectly.
  • Change settings from your sofa using the remote!
  • Flame Effects: Some fireplaces allow flame adjustments.
  • Safety: Look for cool-touch surfaces and automated shutoffs.

5 Best indoor fireplace heater with blower

Wood fireplace heater with blower

Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove:  

Want the beauty of a wood stove without the mess? The Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove is the solution.

No wood cutting or ash cleanup required for realistic 3D flames and infrared heat. A built-in fan makes it ideal for cold nights.

TURBRO Suburbs Electric Fireplace: 

This fireplace brings a classic, elegant feel to your space. Realistic flames are dancing inside a beautiful mantel. Turbro blower gives you even, comfortable warmth throughout the room. And you can adjust the heat and flame look to set the perfect mood.

R.W.Flame 36” Recessed and Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace:

Want a modern fireplace? This one looks great! You can install it recessed in the wall or on the wall. You can easily adjust the brightness and colors of the flames.

The RW Flame heater with the blower keeps you warm. You can easily set up this fireplace if you’re looking for a stylish fireplace.

MagikFlame Electric Fireplace Insert:

Bring your old fireplace back to life! This insert makes it look amazing and keeps you warm. This MagikFlame insert is the answer! It creates super realistic 3D flames that look like a real fire. 

It even makes crackling sounds! Plus, the blower keeps you cozy to spread warmth throughout the room. This insert is a great way to improve your old fireplace and make it look and feel much better.

Pleasant Hearth Large Wood Burning Fireplace Insert with Blower:

Want a real fire? You can enjoy it with this Pleasant Hearth wood-burning fireplace. It burns wood well, keeping you warm. The blower blows warm air around the room.

This way, you feel cozy everywhere. Wood Burning Fireplace insert is a great choice if you have a fireplace and want a real wood fire.

Cons of an Indoor Fireplace Heater with Blower

  • Blowers can be noisy, especially in high settings, which bothers some people.
  • Fireplace heaters work best in small rooms, even with a blower. They won’t heat a large space very well.
  • Blowers blow dust around with warm air. In case you have allergies, you’ll have to clean more often.
  • Electric fireplace blowers raise your electricity bill a bit.
  • It can cost more to install a blower on a gas fireplace.


Can I install a blower in my existing fireplace?

It depends on what kind of fireplace you have if you can install a blower:

Factory-made metal fireplaces: Check your fireplace’s manual or manufacturer’s website. See if they offer a blower specifically designed for your model. Some factory-made fireplaces have specific blower spaces.

Brick fireplace: It takes more work to add a blower. Check your fireplace with a professional. You can ask them if you should install a blower and what model is right for your fireplace.

Are fireplace heaters with blowers noisy?

Blowers make noise. The loudness of the models may vary. How it’s installed, and how sensitive you are to noise. It might be a loud model or an improper installation. 

Read reviews to find a quieter blower. Visit a store to hear the fireplace heater running and find out if it bothers you.

Is it cheaper to run a gas fireplace or a furnace?

It costs less to run a gas heater than a gas fireplace. But there are some key factors to consider. Furnaces convert more gas into heat, making them more efficient. They also distribute warm air throughout your entire house via ducts.

A fireplace, even gas, is inefficient. They’re great for single rooms. Sometimes your fireplace can be cheaper to run if you just need to heat one space. The furnace typically wins out at consistently heating your home in the colder months.

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In conclusion, fireplace heaters with blowers give you both warmth and style. They spread a lot of heat, making it feel cozy. They could save money on your heating bills. You can choose one that burns gas, wood, or electricity. So you can find one that fits your style and the way you like to heat your home.

Want to find the best heater for your fireplace? Do some research! You can review the different options and find out what others think about them. The comfort and warmth of a fireplace heater with a fan is only a click away!

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