Acura VSA Light Reset: Easy Fix for a Common Problem

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How do I switch off a vehicle’s stability assist light or Acura VSA light reset?  Many Honda and Acura cars have these devices that turn on if the front wheels move but not the back ones. The car hit a curb, which broke the front subframe or crossmember. You need an advanced scan tool like the Foxwell NT 630 to reset the car and turn off the light. 

Use the same connection to scan engine codes, steering angle sensors, ABS, and airbags on cars made in 1996 or later. To get updates, users must register on Foxwell’s website and download the latest software. 

This example uses the VSN airbag and a level vehicle with straight wheels. The scan checks brakes, stability control, and airbags. When the Acura VSA light stops working, the user erases it using the neutral position memory.

However, it does not come with all the necessary software for repairs. This article will explain how to turn off or reset the Acura VSA light in a vehicle’s stability aid system.

What is the Honda Acura VSA Light?

Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) helps drivers control their cars. Many new cars have this feature. It’s for safety on bad roads.

VSA light on Honda Acure

A light turns on to show it’s working and then goes off.

How do I switch off the VSA light?

If you want the Acura VSA light reset, There’s usually a button in Hondas that lets you do this. So how does the Acura VSA light reset?

For instance, in the Honda Acura, you’ll find this button to the left of the steering wheel. Press it to turn off the VSA system. If pressing the button doesn’t turn off the light, there might be a problem with the VSA system. In this case, the VSA module may need a reset.

How do I clear the VSA light?

  1. To fix errors in the system, you’ll need an OBDII code reader that also supports ABS. This tool can read and clear the error codes.
  2. There are various OBDII tools for Honda, but ensure they have ABS capability to check the VSA system.
  3. If buying a tool is too expensive, some car shops might scan and reset the Acura VSA light reset it for free.
  4. A quality scan tool can also guide you in resetting the steering angle switch. If this switch is misaligned, it can cause problems.

6 Reasons and Solutions for a Constant Honda Acura VSA Light Reset

Acura VSA Light Reset: Easy Fix for a Common Problem
Acura VSA Light Reset

Blown Fuse

Cause: A damaged fuse in the VSA system can lead to issues.

How to Fix! Check and replace any blown fuses. In many Honda models, there are usually two VSA fuses: one located beneath the dashboard and another in the engine bay.

For instance, in a 2008–2012 Honda Accord, you’ll find a 7.5-amp VSA fuse under the dashboard marked as #6.

In the engine fuse box, there are two designated fuses for the VSA Module, labeled 2.2 and 2.3. Ensure both are intact and replace them if necessary.

Steering Angle Switch

Cause: Honda vehicles typically have a steering angle switch in the steering wheel. This switch sends data to the module, helping the computer ensure stability. If misaligned, it can cause the VSA light to stay on.

How to Reset the Acura VSA Light!

  • Park the Honda and start the engine.
  • Turn the steering wheel fully to the left.
  • Then, turn it fully to the right.
  • Reposition the steering wheel, turn off the engine, and restart it.

Drive for about 20–30 feet; the light should go off. If the switch is faulty, it might need a replacement. You can find replacements at auto parts stores or online platforms like Amazon or eBay.

Wheel Speed Sensor

Cause: Every wheel has a speed sensor that sends data about speed and driving conditions to the computer. A malfunctioning sensor can send incorrect data, triggering the VSA light.

Wheel Speed Sensor
Wheel Speed Sensor

How to Fix!  Inspect the sensors for any damage. If a sensor fails, replace it.

ABS VSA Modulator

Cause: This component is integral to the VSA system. While it’s rare for the ABS VSA Modulator to fail, it can sometimes be the culprit.

How to Fix! After ruling out other potential causes, consider inspecting or replacing the modulator if it’s found to be the issue.

Wiring Issues

Cause: Faulty wiring or loose connections can lead to the VSA light staying on. For instance, a loose connection on a wheel speed sensor can mimic the symptoms of a malfunctioning sensor.

How to Fix! Check all the wiring related to the VSA system. Ensure connections are secure, and replace any damaged wires.

Faulty VSA switch

VSA switches turn the system on and off. A malfunctioning VSA switch might activate the VSA light. Because the VSA system may not interact with the switch, the light may come on.

VSA switches may be replaced to fix them. The steps:

VSA switches may be replaced
VSA switches replace
  1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.
  2. Locate the VSA switch. It’s usually under the dashboard, near the wheel.
  3. Remove the screws or bolts that secure the VSA switch.
  4. Disconnect the electrical connector from the VSA switch.
  5. Install the new VSA switch and reconnect the electrical connector.
  6. Tighten the screws or bolts that secure the VSA switch.
  7. Connect the negative battery terminal.
  8. Start the engine and test the VSA system.

You should have a qualified mechanic diagnose the vehicle if the VSA light is still on after replacing the VSA switch.

What do the VSA light and exclamation point signify?

The VSA light and exclamation point on Honda and Acura vehicles indicate VSA issues. An Acura VSA light reset clears error codes and turns off the warning light.

The VSA light can turn on for a variety of reasons, including:

  • A faulty VSA sensor
  • A problem with the VSA control unit
  • A problem with the braking system
  • Low tire pressure
  • A damaged steering angle sensor

When the VSA light turns on, a professional technician must diagnose the car and fix the Acura VSA light reset. 

How much does a VSA repair cost?

VSA repair costs depend on the reason. Repairs for basic issues like low tire pressure or defective sensors may be affordable. More significant issues, such as VSA control unit or brake system issues, may need more expensive repairs.

VSA problems may range from a faulty sensor to a significant braking system failure, and their costs vary. The VSA light and exclamation point signal a fault with the VSA system, which prevents skidding and loss of control. Addressing these problems quickly is essential for road safety.

VSA problems may range from a faulty sensor to a significant braking system failure, and their costs vary. The VSA light and exclamation point signal a fault with the VSA system, which prevents skidding and loss of control. Addressing these problems quickly is essential for road safety.

Conclusion: If your Honda VSA light turns on, it might be reacting to specific driving conditions. I hope the above guide will help you Acura VSA light reset. However, if the light remains on in normal conditions, there’s likely a system malfunction.

Using an OBDII scan tool with ABS capability can help pinpoint the issue. And many of these tools can also Acura VSA light reset the light if needed.

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