Floor lighting hallway: 6 Steps to Make your hallway more inviting

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Do you feel like your hallway is more like a cave? It’s time to change that! Floor lighting hallways are a stylish and practical way to transform a boring corridor.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! From modern to traditional, black, white, or bronze – there’s a floor lighting hallway option for every taste.

Are you ready to say goodbye to finding your way in the dark? Wondering if you can put a floor lamp in a hallway? Curious about the best hallway floor lighting ideas? Or maybe you want to know how to add lights to a hallway without outlets?

Floor lighting hallway Installation Steps:

This step-by-step guide will show you how to install floor lighting in your hallway.

Step 1: Planning and Design

Measure the hallway and decide how many lights you want.

Your Lighting Choose fixtures that complement your home’s decor and meet your lighting needs. You can choose LED strip lights or small recessed fixtures for their efficiency and sleek look.

You can install lights straight, staggered, or in patterns, depending on how much light you need.

Step 2: Gather Materials and Tools

Plan your light fixtures. Make sure your wiring is suitable for your kind of light fixtures and adheres to your local electrical codes.

To cut recesses in the flooring, you’ll need a drill, a saw, screwdrivers, wire strippers, electrical tape, and safety gear.

Step 3: Prepare the hallway.

Ensure the power is off at the breaker box to avoid electrical hazards.

If installing recessed lighting, mark the positions and carefully cut out the recesses in the flooring material.

Step 4: Wiring

Run electrical wires from your power source to each light fixture, following your local codes. You might have to lift floorboards or run wires under the floor.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for wiring each light fixture. Wire nuts or electrical tape should cover all connections.

Step 5: Install the Fixtures

Make sure the lights are on. Make sure each light is in its place. This involves fitting the light into the cut-out space and securing it. If you’re going to mount the lights on the floor, screw them directly into the flooring or baseboard.

Step 6: Finalize and test.

After you’ve installed all the fixtures and wired them up, turn back on the power.

Check the lights to make sure they’re working. You can adjust any fixtures as needed to get the right lighting.

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5 best Floor lighting hallway ideas

Floor lighting hallway
Floor lighting hallway

Are you wondering what type of lighting is best for the hallway? Here I have shortlisted a few hallway floor lighting ideas to add to.

LED Strip Lighting:

LED strips are versatile and modern. These Floor lighting hallway is the perfect for accentuating architectural details or creating a subtle glow. They’re great under baseboards, along staircases, and even under furniture.

Recessed floor lights:

They’re perfect for creating dramatic lighting paths, highlighting artwork, or creating a clean, minimalist aesthetic. These floor lighting hallway embedded directly into the floor, providing focused illumination and a clean, uncluttered look.

Puck lights:

These offer an easy and affordable way to add accent lighting. You can put battery-powered puck lights under furniture, inside display niches, or along baseboards to create soft pools of light.

Floor lamps:

Floor lamps are a classic choice that provides both function and style. They’re great for task lighting or highlighting corners, while traditional models add warmth and ambiance.


You can use up lights strategically to highlight architectural features or art pieces in a hallway. They direct light upwards, washing walls or ceilings with a diffused glow.

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Can you put a floor lamp in a hallway?

Yes, floor lamps are great for hallways. They provide a significant light source and add style. Choose a floor lamp for your hallway based on its size and layout. A slim, minimalist lamp works best in a narrow hallway.

A bigger hallway can accommodate a bigger, statement lamp. You can find floor lamps to match your existing decor. Because they are portable, you can move them whenever you want to change your hallway’s look.

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How to add lights to a hallway without outlets?

Battery-powered lights

Simple installation. Choose your lights (LED strips, puck lights, motion sensor lights, etc.).

Install them according to the product instructions, typically using adhesive backing or simple mounting hardware.

Enjoy! Turn on and bask in the glow. Remember to replace batteries as needed.

Plug-in Lights with Cord Concealment

Match your style with a floor lamp.

Hiding cords:

  • Cord Covers: Pick covers that match your flooring.
  • Behind Furniture: Tuck cords behind existing pieces to keep them out of sight.
  • Cable Clips: Put adhesive clips along the baseboards to hide the cords.

Plug in and enjoy!

Hardwiring with a Surface-Mounted Conduit

It’s best if you’re familiar with basic electrical work or hiring an electrician. This metal or PVC tubing will house the wires and be visible on the wall or floor.

You’ll need electricity to run wires inside the conduit.

Fixture Installation. Mount your chosen floor light fixtures according to their instructions.

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In conclusion, floor lighting hallway installations are a fantastic solution to brighten up your hallway and create a welcoming atmosphere.

You can choose the perfect floor lighting design to suit your taste and style. Your home will no longer have dark corridors.

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