Garage door motion sensor light not working! How to Fix Garage Door Sensors in 3 Easy Steps

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Garage door sensors are an essential safety feature of any garage door opener. They prevent the door from closing when there is anything blocking its path.

However, if your garage door motion sensor light not working properly or garage door red light blinking. It is frustrating and even dangerous.

In this article, we’ll show you how to troubleshoot a sensor light. You can do that in 3 easy steps if they’re not working.

How to Test Garage Door Sensors with a Multimeter

The first thing you need to do is test your garage door sensors with a multimeter to see if they’re the issue.

  1. You can turn off the garage light circuit breaker or disconnect the power to your garage door opener.
  2. You’ll find the sensors on either side of the garage door. They are usually mounted 6 inches above the ground.
  3. Remove the sensors from their brackets and disconnect the wires.
  4. Set your multimeter to the continuity setting and touch the probes to the two wires. If the multimeter beeps, the sensors are not working properly. If there is no beep, the sensors are faulty and need to be replaced.

3 Simple Steps to Fix Garage door motion sensor light not working

Step 1: Check for blockages.

Check for obstructions in the door’s path. Check for obstructions and make sure that there are no objects blocking the sensors or the door.

Look for any dirt and debris on the sensors, as this will interfere with their function. Remove obstructions and test the Liftmaster misaligned sensors again if you find any.

Step 2: Test the Sensors with a Multimeter

Once there are no obstructions, you can test the sensors with a multimeter to see if they’re working. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the garage door opener power.
  2. Locate the sensors on either side of the garage door, usually near the bottom.
  3. Set your multimeter to the “Ohms” setting.
  4. Touch the red and black probes to the corresponding wires on one sensor.
  5. The multimeter should read between 5 and 10 Ohms. If it reads 0 or infinity, the sensor is faulty and needs to be replaced.
  6. Repeat the process for the other sensor.

You’ll have to replace one or both sensors if they’re faulty. You can get replacements from your local hardware store or contact the manufacturer.

Step 3: Adjust the sensors.

You can fix the problem by adjusting the sensors. Over time, the sensors can become misaligned, making them not detect each other. Here’s how:

  1. Remove the sensors’ screws.
  2. Move the sensors until they face each other directly.
  3. You’ve got to tighten the screws to secure the sensors.
  4. Test the sensors again to see if they work properly.

If the sensors are still not working, you may need to call a professional for further assistance.

Why Are Garage Door Sensors Importance?

A garage door sensor is a great safety feature. They work by sending a light beam between two sensors located on either side of the garage door. The sensors won’t let the door close if this beam is broken, so accidents won’t happen.

Why Are Garage Door Sensors Importance
Garage door motion sensor light not working: Why Are Garage Door Sensors Importance

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Security systems

Garage door sensors are essential to your home security system. They can detect any movement in your garage and activate an alarm to alert you to an intrusion. A security system like this can provide you with peace of mind when you’re away from home.

Genie Garage Door Opener Sensors

Genie is a popular brand of garage door openers, and their sensors are known for their reliability and effectiveness. However, even the most reliable sensors can malfunction. So you need to know how to fix them.

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How to fix garage door sensor with smart control panel?

Camber Lain garage door motion sensor light not working! You can try these steps. Go to Menu. Scroll through the options until you see LIGHT SETTINGS. Press the side arrow to select it.

Garage door motion sensor light not working
Garage door motion sensor light not working

Then move the arrow down again and you’ll find AUTOMATIC LIGHT. Select it, and you’re one step closer to the treasure. Highlight ENTRY SENSOR and press ON to turn your garage into a lighthouse.

Now that your garage’s enchanted with light, close the book of spells by pressing BACK, then EXIT.

Turn Off the Light Feature – Because Sometimes We Need Darkness

Want to turn off automatic lighting? No problem, here’s how you can embrace the dark calm:

  • Step Back Into the Menu: Press Menu to enter the command center.
  • Navigate to the Depths: Use the down arrow to dive down to LIGHT SETTINGS. Select it with a gentle push of the side arrow.
  • Find the Off Switch: Scroll down to AUTOMATIC LIGHT and select it. You’re navigating like a captain at night.
  • Whisper “Off”: Highlight ENTRY SENSOR and press OFF. It’s like whispering to the night to take over.
  • Close the Night’s Curtain: Press BACK, then EXIT to finish. You’ve now returned your garage to peace.

It’s easy to control your garage lighting with the Smart Control Panel, but it’s also fun. Now you can bring light into your world or enjoy peace from darkness. You decide whether there should be light or not!

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In conclusion, garage door sensors are a vital safety feature of any garage door opener. If your craftsman garage door motion sensor light not working, you can check for obstructions, use a multimeter, or adjust the sensors.

The easiest way to fix your garage door sensors is to follow these 3 easy steps. You’ll have your garage working again in no time.

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