How to Repair Your GR86 Tail Lights : 6 Hacks that Can Save You 100 Dollars

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Toyota GR86 is an impressive sports car that stands out from the crowd. This car has some really cool tail lights that really set it apart. To be sure, GR86 tail lights are susceptible to wear and tear just like the rest of your vehicle. 

In this article, we’ll discuss common GR86 tail light issues and show you how to Repair Your Toyota GR86 Tail Lights. This guide will help you maintain your GR86, whether you’re a DIY pro or a car enthusiast. 

GR86 Tail Lights 

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What are the Common Issues with Toyota GR86 Tail lights? 

How to Repair Your GR86 Tail Lights? Before diving into the repair process, it’s essential to understand the common problems you might encounter with GR86 tail lights. 

One of the most frequent issues is a burned-out bulb. This can cause your tail light to stop functioning or become dim. 

Another problem is water buildup inside the tail light housing, which can lead to foggy or hazy lights. 

Additionally, a cracked or broken lens can compromise the appearance and functionality of your tail lights. 

You can better assess repairs and keep your GR86 safe and stylish by identifying these issues. 

Tools and Materials Needed for Repairing GR86 Tail Lights 

To repair your GR86 aftermarket tail lights, you’ll need a few essential tools and materials. 

  • Remove the tail light assembly screws using a screwdriver set. 
  • A multimeter can examine electrical connections and ensure appropriate operation. 
  • Heat guns or hairdryers may dry off housing condensation. 
  • Replace shattered lenses with spares. 

For a complete repair, have electrical tape, silicone sealant, and a clean cloth. Before beginning repairs, gather this equipment and supplies. 

GR86 Tail Lights 

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How to Repair Your GR86 Tail Lights 

Now that you have the equipment and supplies, let’s fix your GR86 tail lights step-by-step. 

Step 1: Disconnect the batteries before working on electrical components to avoid short circuits. 

Step 2: Remove the Tail light. Assembly: Carefully remove the screws holding the tail light assembly to the car’s body using a screwdriver. Carefully remove the unit from the automobile. 

Step 3: Replace Burned-Out bulbs Find the problematic bulb and replace it with a similar-sized, similar-type bulb. Make sure the new bulb works. 

Step 4: Address Condensation Issues: If you have condensation buildup inside the tail light housing, use a heat gun or hairdryer to dry out the interior. Before proceeding, dry the housing. 

Step 5: Repair or Replace the Broken Lens If your tail light lens is cracked or broken, carefully remove it and replace it. Ensure a secure fit and reattach the tail light assembly to the car. 

Step 6: Reconnect and Test: After the repair, reconnect the battery and test the tail lights. If everything’s OK, go on. 

Upgrading to Aftermarket GR86 Tail Lights 

While repairing your GR86 tail lights is a practical solution, you might also consider upgrading to aftermarket options for a more personalized look. 

Aftermarket 2022 gr86 tail lights offer a wide range of styles, from sleek and minimalist designs to bold and aggressive aesthetics. Upgrading to these 2017 Brz taillights can enhance the overall appearance of your GR86, making it stand out on the road. 

Additionally, aftermarket tail lights often feature advanced LED technology, providing better visibility and increased safety. 

When choosing aftermarket 2022 gr86 aftermarket tail lights, make sure they are compatible with your specific model and follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions for a seamless upgrade. 

Clear Tail Lights for GR86 

For a sleek, contemporary design, GR86 owners choose clear tail lights. Transparent glass lets the maximum light intensity show through these tail lights, providing a clean and classy look. LED bulbs outperform halogen lamps and are typically used with clear FRS taillights. Clear tail lights enhance the appearance of your GR86, whether you choose smoked or crystal-clear lenses. 

GR86 Tail Lights 

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How to Customize the GR86 Tail Lights 

For those who want to take their GR86 tail lights to the next level, customization is the way to go. 

Custom tail lights allow you to add a personal touch and make your GR86 truly unique. 

From color-changing LEDs to sequential turn signals, the possibilities are endless. To modify your Scion’s FRS tail lights, try carbon fiber housing or colored lenses. 

It’s important to verify local laws before making any changes. Customization is about showing off your flair without compromising road safety. 

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Exploring Different Options for 2022 GR86 Aftermarket Tail Lights 

The 2022 GR86 opens up new aftermarket tail light alternatives. To satisfy GR86 fans, manufacturers innovate and provide new designs. To guarantee quality and dependability, explore reliable companies and read user reviews for 2022 GR86 aftermarket choices. 

Tail lights should fit well, install easily, and last. Upgrade your aftermarket tail lights to make your 2022 GR86 look better. 

GR86 Tail Lights 

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How to Maintain and Care for the GR86 Tail 

Now that you’ve repaired or upgraded your GR86 tail lights, it’s essential to maintain them properly to ensure their longevity and optimal performance. Check the BRZ taillights for fractures or moisture and fix them immediately. 

To remove dirt and debris from the lenses, use a moderate automotive glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Apply a lens sealant to prevent discoloration and UV damage. 

These maintenance suggestions can keep your GR86 clean tail lights in good condition for years. 

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FAQ about How to Repair Your GR86 Tail Lights 

Can I fix my tail light myself? 

You can fix your tail light if you have the tools and knowledge. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable with DIY repairs, Always consult a professional to ensure proper installation and avoid damage. 

How do you fix rear lights? 

Fixing rear lights involves several steps: 

  • Find the issue. Check for a burned bulb, fuse, wiring issue, or socket. 
  • Access lights: Reaching the lights may require removing a cover or access panel. 
  • Replace it. Replace burned bulbs carefully according to your vehicle’s manual. 
  • Fuse check. Multiple lights may indicate a blown fuse. Replace the fuse in the fuse box. 
  • Electrical outlets: Wiring issues may exist if the bulb or fuse are fine. Check for wire damage and socket connections. 

How do you fix running tail lights that are not working? 

To fix running gr86 custom tail lights, check bulbs, test the fuse, inspect wiring, and replace damaged or corroded wires if necessary. 

Does AutoZone replace taillights? 

AutoZone sells tail light bulbs and assemblies, but not installation. You or a professional must replace the taillights. 

GR86 Tail Lights 

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Why are the brake lights working but not the tail lights? 

Tail lights and brake lights utilize different bulbs. Your tail lights may not operate if your brake lights do. 

  • Dead taillight bulbs 
  • Fused taillight 
  • Taillight wiring or socket failure 

How do I fix LED tail lights? 

Fixing LED tail lights is like fixing bulbs. 

  • Find the issue. Check the bulb, fuse, wire, or electronics. 
  • Change the LED. Replace faulty LEDs according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 
  • Fuse check. Check the taillight fuse. 
  • Electrical connections: Check the wiring and connectors. 

For safety and appropriate repair, seek a skilled mechanic if you’re uncertain or uncomfortable. 

Conclusion: How to Repair Your GR86 Tail Lights 

Now you know how to Repair Your GR86 Tail Lights. It’s time to maintain your GR86 tail lights by recognizing common issues, getting the right tools and supplies, and following the step-by-step repair method. Customize your Toyota 86 taillights. Keep your GR86 rear lights on. 

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