Jio Mesh Extender Not Working! Easy Fixes to Try Now!

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Jio Mesh Extender not working can be a source of frustration and inconvenience. You have to figure out the cause and take the right steps to fix it.

In this blog, we will explore some common reasons for Jio Mesh Extender not working and provide helpful tips to troubleshoot Jio extender mesh 6 issue.

Identify the issue: Jio Mesh Extender Not Working

There are several potential issues that could cause your Jio Mesh Extender Not Working. Here’s some information I need to identify the problem:

What are the symptoms?

What is not working? Are you unable to connect to the extender at all? Are you able to connect but experiencing slow speeds, dropped connections, or connectivity issues in certain areas?

Is the LED indicator on the extender abnormal? Or is it solid or blinking, and what color is it?

Have you recently changed your network configuration, such as adding existing devices or changing passwords?

Model and Setup:

Which model of Jio – Mesh Extender do you have (JCM0112 or another)?

How is the extender connected to your Jio Fiber Home Gateway? Is it connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

Have you followed the official Jio instructions?

Jio customer support can provide more specific troubleshooting advice if needed.

Restart the Jio Mesh Extender

Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve issues with the Jio Mesh Extender. 

Restart the Jio Mesh Extender

Follow these steps to restart the Jio Mesh Extender:

1. Unplug the Jio Mesh Ext from the power outlet.

2. Wait for at least 30 seconds.

3. Plug the Jio Mesh Extender back into the power outlet.

4. Wait for the device to boot up completely.

5. Try accessing the Jio Mesh Extender’s web interface again.

Jio mesh extender setup

Jio mesh extender setup can be easily done by following these steps:

  • Plug in the Jio Mesh Extender to a power outlet near your Jio router.
  • Wait for the extender’s LED light to turn solid green.
  • Connect your phone, tablet, or computer to Jio Mesh Extender’s Wi-Fi network.
  • Open a web browser and enter “” in the address bar.
  • Enter your Jio credentials and choose your network extension from the on-screen instructions.

After setting up the Jio Mesh Extender, you can move it to a better location in your home.

Update the Jio Mesh Extender’s firmware

A Jio Mesh Extender with outdated firmware can also have problems. To update the Jio Mesh Extender’s firmware:

Check the Jio Mesh Extender’s firmware version: 

Open a web browser and access the Jio Mesh Extender’s web interface. Click on the Settings tab and navigate to the About section. Check the firmware version displayed.

Update Extender’s firmware: 

If the firmware version is outdated, click on the Update button and follow the on-screen instructions to update the firmware.

Update Extender's firmware:

Restart the Jio Mesh Extender: 

After updating the firmware, restart the Jio Mesh Extender by unplugging and plugging it back in.

Follow the troubleshooting tips in this blog to resolve any issues you have with your Jio Mesh Extender. You can contact Jio’s customer support if you cannot resolve the issue.

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In conclusion, the Jio Mesh Extender not working can be a headache. This blog provides troubleshooting tips that will help you identify and resolve the problem. 

However, if the issue persists, consider contacting Jio’s customer support team for further assistance. You can also consider replacing your Jio Mesh Extender with another one.

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FAQ: Jio Mesh Extender Not Working

Does a Wi-Fi extender work with Jio fiber?

Yes, Wi-Fi extenders work with Jio Fiber. They are devices that take the existing Wi-Fi signal from your router and rebroadcast it, extending the coverage area. 

There are two main types of Wi-Fi extenders:

types of Wi-Fi extenders

Range extenders: These are the most common extender. Your router’s signal is repeated, so speed is not lost. They can introduce latency, which can be problematic in some applications.

Mesh extenders: They create a seamless Wi-Fi network throughout your home by using a network of nodes. Range extenders are cheaper, but mesh extenders offer better performance.

How do I extend Jio fiber range?

You need to consider the size of your house when choosing a Wi-Fi extender for Jio Fiber. Small homes can benefit from a range extender to boost their Wi-Fi signal. 

But if your home is big or has places where Wi-Fi doesn’t reach, you might need a mesh extender. Mesh extenders cover large areas.

Jio Fiber internet speed is also a factor to consider. Make sure the extender can handle those speeds so you can use your internet fully. And think about your budget. 

Range extenders are usually cheaper than mesh extenders. So, choose based on how much you want to spend on better Wi-Fi in your home.

How can I increase my Jio Fibre signal in my house?

Here are some ways to extend Jio Fiber range without a Wi-Fi extender:

Move your router to a central location: The closer your router is to the devices you want to use it with, the stronger the signal will be.

Use a higher-gain antenna: Some routers have antennas that can be replaced with higher-gain antennas. This can increase the signal range.

Change the channel: You can try changing your router’s channel if your Wi-Fi signal is interfered with.

Can JioFi be used as a Wi-Fi extender?

Yes, you can extend your Wi-Fi signal’s range using powerline adapters. Powerline adapters connect to your home’s electrical wiring.

Try to connect your devices to your router with a wired Ethernet cable if possible. As a result, the connection will be reliable and faster.

How can I boost my JioFi network?

JioFi cannot be used as a Wi-Fi extender. JioFi is a mobile hotspot device designed to provide internet access on the go.

You can connect to the internet using a cellular data connection, but you cannot extend Wi-Fi network range with it.

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