A single wood front door with active sidelight: How do you secure a front door?

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Are you looking for a grand entrance that has more natural light? A front door with active sidelight is a fantastic option. You might be wondering, are sidelites safe?

Never fear! You can enjoy sidelights’ elegance and bolster your home’s security. A wood front door with active sidelight is just as secure as a traditional door.

Do you want to know how much a front door with active sidelights costs? Do you want to do a DIY installation? We’ll cover that too!

In this blog, you’ll learn:

  • Is there a way to make my front door more secure?
  • How do you seal the sides of the front door?
  • What is the most effective sealant for an exterior door frame?
  • How much should a front door with sidelights cost?
  • How Do I Install A Two Sidelight Front Door?

Ready to maximize your entryway? Let’s dive in!

What can I do to make my front door more secure?

Make sure you have a high-quality, one-cylinder deadbolt. A double-cylinder deadbolt provides even more security (requires a key from both sides).

These offer keyless convenience but prioritize security ratings.

Make sure the weak points are fixed:

It is advisable to replace a flimsy strike plate with a heavy duty one secured with long screws (3 inches or longer).

Make sure that all hinges are non-removable if they are exposed on the outside. You can add a metal plate or a door jamb reinforcement kit to strengthen the door jamb.

Visibility and prevention:

  • Install a peephole with a wide angle so that you can see who is outside clearly.
  • The use of outdoor lighting can serve as a deterrent to potential intruders.
  • Visual security cameras add a strong layer of deterrence.

Pro Tip: Replace your door with a solid-core model if it is flimsy or has glass panels near the lock.

How do you seal the sides of the front door?

You can seal the sides of your front door easily, but it will keep out drafts, pests, and moisture. The first step is to identify the problem. Close the door from the inside and check to see if any daylight enters through the edges.

A flashlight can help you see better outside if you need better visibility. You should be aware of any air leaks you see where there is light.

front door with active sidelight
front door with active sidelight

The best way to seal the sides depends on the gap size. It is best to use a good quality adhesive-backed foam weatherstripping for smaller gaps.

You might need a more robust solution for larger spaces, such as a tension seal or a door sweep. Keep an eye on the door frame as well! The gap between the frame and the wall can be filled with exterior-grade caulk.

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What is the most effective sealant for an exterior door frame?

For the best seal on your exterior door frame, 100% silicone sealant. It’s the most resilient to all weather extremes. It won’t crack or peel even in freezing temperatures or scorching heat because silicone is flexible.

Plus, it’s a champ against water, so you won’t have to worry about leaks. Make sure it’s a silicone sealant made for exteriors or windows and doors so it has the right additives.

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How much should a front door with sidelights cost?

The cost of a front door with sidelights can vary depending on factors such as the material, the design, and the brand. On average, you can expect to pay $1,500 to $5,000 for a front door with sidelights.

Your decision should be based on the quality and durability of the door, since a higher-quality door can ensure your home is better insulated and secure.

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How To Install Front door with active sidelight / Two Sidelights?

When installing the front door with active sidelight you may need to use shims or liquid nails to level the threshold. Ensure the door frame will fit squarely into the opening.

Then apply flashing tape to prevent moisture intrusion (if the door is exposed).

install front door with active sidelight

Front door with active sidelight Steps:

  • Before setting the door, apply liberally liquid nails under the threshold with help from a helper.
  • Make sure that the center and plumb are correct, and adjust if necessary with shims.
  • Place temporary tacks only in the top corners.
  • Ensure that the jambs are securely fastened with screws and drills.
  • You should use nails both inside and outside of the transom to secure it.

Finishing touches

You should use an oscillating tool to cleanly finish the shims. Fill in gaps between the brick mold and frame. Ensure that you caulk all screw holes, seams, and gaps thoroughly.

You can add additional decorative trim to the interior by installing mullion strips.

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In conclusion, a front door with active sidelights looks great and provides the same level of security as a traditional door.

Follow the steps in this blog in order to add extra security measures to your front door and to properly seal the sides. It depends on various factors, such as the door’s material and design, as to how much it will cost.

Your front door will look better with active sidelights, whether you install them yourself or have professionals do it.

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