Easy DIY Outdoor Under Deck Lighting Installation. (LEDs Made Simple) Why Deck Lighting?

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Want your deck to be cozy and inviting when the sun goes down? It’s time to discover the magic of outdoor under deck lighting. With waterproof options and easy DIY installation, you’ll transform your outdoor space in no time.

Get ready to explore the most popular outdoor under deck lighting choices! We’ll cover everything from waterproof LED systems to solar and wireless options. We have the right solution for entertaining or relaxing on your deck. From deck lighting ideas to choose the ultimate outdoor deck lights, light up your evenings!

Why Should You Use Solar Deck Lighting?

Have you ever wanted to use your deck at night but didn’t because it was too dark? Or maybe you were afraid of tripping in the dark? Solar deck lights can solve these problems! They use sunlight for power, making them a green and budget-friendly option for lighting up your outdoor area.

But that’s not all! Here’s why solar deck lights are super winners:

  • Safer steps: Solar lights help you see those tricky steps at night, preventing bumps and tumbles.
  • Easy to use: No electrician needed! These lights stick to the ground or clip onto your deck.
  • Relax, no work! Solar lights soak up the sun during the day and light up at night. No more changing bulbs!

Easy DIY Outdoor Under Deck Lighting Installation steps

The steps for DIY outdoor under deck lighting installation are as follows:

Under Deck Lighting Installation steps

Pick your style – LED strips, recessed lights, puck lights, etc. Think about brightness, color options, and power source (solar, wired, battery). You’ll need zip ties or mounting clips (depending on your light)

A screwdriver and screws are essential if you’re screwing in your lights. An extension cord is required for wired setups.

Outdoor Under Deck Lighting Installation Steps

You need to plan where you want the most light. Would you like accent lighting along the edges, or would you prefer to illuminate each step individually? Sketch it out.

Wipe down the underside of your deck where you’ll mount the lights. A clean surface helps adhesives or mounting hardware stick better.

Install the lights:

You can use mounting clips to hang strip lights along deck joists or railings. Mark your light positions with a pencil, pre-drill pilot holes (if necessary), and screw it in.

Connect the wiring: Follow the lighting kit instructions carefully.

Get an electrician to hardwire a setup if you’re dealing with high voltage. Put your solar panel where it gets a lot of sun.

Zip ties or electrical tape can help you tidy up extra wiring, preventing tangles and accidents.

You’re now able to enjoy your newly illuminated outdoor space!

Safety tips

  • Make sure you get enough length before ordering your lights.
  • Choose waterproof outdoor under deck lighting: These lights are made to withstand the weather.
  • You don’t have to commit to a big project if you’re not sure.
  • Your outdoor deck lighting can be controlled remotely or dimmed.

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How to pick the best solar deck lights

Solar deck lighting is an eco-friendly lighting option you should consider for your outdoor space. Here are some key factors to consider. Before deciding, consider these factors:

  1. The solar lights need direct sunlight to charge. Consider how much sunlight your deck gets. You might not want solar lighting in areas shaded from the sun.
  2. Decide why you need the lights. Does it create a cozy ambiance or is it for safety? Lights will depend on your purpose.
  3. Solar deck lights come in a variety of styles, from classic to modern. Make sure the design fits your deck.
  4. Solar lights have a variable battery life. Your deck will stay well-lit all night long if you get one with long-lasting batteries.
  5. You’ll be exposed to all kinds of weather with your solar lights. Pick lights made of durable materials that can withstand rain, snow, and heat.
  6. Install and maintain the lights easily. It’s easy to mount some solar lights with simple tools, but not all of them.
  7. You’ll save money on your electricity bills with solar lights, but the initial cost can be high. Make a budget and compare prices and features to find the best deal.

You can choose the perfect solar deck lighting for your outdoor space based on these factors.

5 Best outdoor under deck lighting

5 Best outdoor under deck lighting
5 Best outdoor under deck lighting

Here are 5 highly-rated options for the most effective outdoor under deck lighting, including the right mix of styles and features:

1. Solar-powered deck lights

A solar-powered deck light doesn’t need wires, is easy to install, and is eco-friendly. Solar-Powered Deck Lights can also be used for outdoor lighting in other areas, like pathways, driveways, and patios, because they don’t use electricity to operate. They’re also cost-effective, since they don’t require electricity to operate.

If it’s cloudy, you might get a shorter run-time. There may be limited power outlets in areas such as accent lighting or smaller decks.

2. LED Strip Lights

Light strips made of LEDs are ideal for railings and joists, they’re versatile, they’re versatile, and they’re often color-changing.

It might need more wiring and power.

It creates unique color effects and makes the deck area bigger.

3. Recessed deck lights

The Recessed Deck Lights provide focused downward lighting and are sleek and low-profile. They are also great for highlighting architectural features like columns or railings. They’re great for creating a subtle ambiance and adding a decorative touch to your deck. They’re also low voltage and power efficient.

You’ll have to drill holes in your deck for installation.

It can be used to light up steps, highlight deck features, or just give a subtle glow.

4. Deck Post Cap Lights

You can add a decorative touch and have the lights create an atmospheric mood. The lights are easy to install and they can add to your deck’s appeal.

It might not be enough to light up a large area.

The perfect way to accent your deck perimeter, add ambiance, and enhance your posts.

5. Wireless puck lights

This type of light is ideal for illuminating dark areas, such as hallways and closets, and requires no wiring. Puck lights are energy-efficient and provide long-lasting illumination.

The battery needs to be replaced periodically, and the brightness may be limited.

This is perfect for under-deck spaces without power, spot lighting on demand, and temporary setups.

Here are some things to think about

  • A waterproof rating is essential for outdoor installations.
  • Match your space’s light level (lumens).
  • You can power it with solar, plug-in, or batteries.
  • Check out colors, dimming, and remote controls.

Can you put lights under a deck?

Yes, absolutely! Under-deck lighting illuminates your outdoor space, creates ambiance, and improves safety. It’s easy to attach to the below side of your deck.

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Where should solar lights be placed on steps?

Place the lights directly on the tread or on the riser side of each step for safety and aesthetics. As you walk, you’ll see every step clearly.

Feeling creative? Mix it up! You can put lights on alternating sides of the steps to make it visually interesting.

For a modern look, install a light in the center of each step riser. You’ll get a soft, diffused light.

Solar lights need sunlight or light to work?

Solar lights have photovoltaic cells within their solar panels. These cells convert the energy from the sunlight (specifically photons) into electricity. The electricity charges the light’s battery.

Direct light vs. sunlight: Solar lights can catch some light from ambient light sources, but it’s not as efficient. Solar energy is the most powerful.

Solar lights work best when they get sunlight. Even on cloudy days or in places with not much direct sun, they can still work, just not as well. So, for the maximum performance, it’s a wise idea to put your solar lights where they can soak up plenty of sunshine all day long.

How high should I put my solar lights?

The best height depends on your desired effect:

For maximum visibility and safety, mount lights on the risers around 4-6 inches above the step’s tread. For soft, ambient lighting, place the lights lower on the riser or directly on the tread.

How long do solar deck lights last?

The bulbs themselves can last for tens of thousands of hours.

You’re limited to rechargeable batteries. They usually last 1-3 years depending on quality and usage. It’s a good feature to look for if the batteries can be replaced. Solar lights with weatherproof construction last for years.

How do you string outdoor lights on a deck?

Outdoor lights are easy to string if you follow these steps:

  • Consider bulb type (LEDs are efficient), length, and features such as color-changing strings when you pick your lights.
  • Decide where you’ll hang the lights (under railings, across joists, around posts) and make sure you have enough length and power outlets.
  • Mount hooks or guides: You can hang them using small eyehooks, cup hooks, or cable guides.
  • Be careful not to pull too tight and avoid kinks when stringing the lights.
  • Use zip ties or hooks to prevent the lights from sagging.

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How to fix under-deck lighting?

Troubleshooting depends on the issue, but here’s a starting point:

Check out the basics:

  • Power: Make sure the outlet works and the lights are plugged in correctly.
  • Make sure the switches are on.
  • Make sure your bulbs aren’t burnt out.

Examine the wiring:

Make sure there are no loose wires or connections and tighten them up. Check for frayed wires, chewed up wires (rodent damage), or corrosion, and fix or replace what needs to be fixed.

Inspect the Transformer/Solar Panel

Reset the transformer if your lights are low-voltage or test the output. You might need to adjust the placement of your solar panel if it’s not getting enough sunlight.

Specific fixture issues

Your under-deck light’s manual will tell you how to troubleshoot it.

Don’t work with electricity unless you’re comfortable with it. Turn off the power source before checking the wires.

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In conclusion, choose outdoor under deck lighting, consider factors like power source, installation, desired ambiance, and specific needs.

Your deck will look awesome and function great with the right lighting, whether you go for pathway lights, LED strip lights, recessed deck lights, post cap lights, or wireless puck lights. You gotta evaluate your options and choose something that suits your needs and preferences.

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