Wyze Camera Not Recording Events? 6 Easy Ways To Fix Now

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Is your Wyze camera not recording events? You set it up expecting 24/7 surveillance, but it doesn’t record events to the SD card. Or maybe you’ve been scrolling through Reddit threads looking for answers to why your Wyze camera isn’t recording events.

Event recording is a big deal—it’s the eyes and ears of your home when you’re not around. So, what happens when those eyes and ears are offline? Maybe your Wyze Cam V3 isn’t capturing anything, or your 12-second video clips aren’t playing. What if the camera doesn’t detect motion?

In this blog, we’ll cover everything from WYZE events not loading to problems after an update. We’ll show you how to fix these glitches and get your Wyze camera back up and running.

Common Reasons for Wyze Camera Not Recording Events

Turn on “motion detection” first. You need to have your camera online and set up to save videos, either on a memory card or online. Your camera or app might need fixing if you’ve updated it recently.

If you’re saving videos on a memory card, make sure the camera can read it. 

If your camera was working fine and then stopped, it might be an update or Wyze’s fault.

Common Problems: Wyze Camera Not Recording Events

  • Motion detection is not enabled.
  • Outdated firmware.
  • Camera offline issues.
  • Scheduling and rule settings

Try watching the live video from the camera before you fix anything. Check that the camera is working. Restart your router and camera to make sure your internet is stable.

If you’re paying for Wyze’s extra features, make sure your Wyze email matches the one you used to buy the extra features. Remember to make sure you’ve got the right camera set up.

If you look into these issues, you can fix your Wyze camera.

How to troubleshoot your Wyze camera

Is your Wyze camera giving you headaches because it’s not recording? Don’t worry. We’ve got some simple steps to fix it.

Power cycle test

Unplug your Wyze camera from the power source, wait for half a minute, and then plug it back in.

Refresh through the Wyze App

Open up the Wyze app on your phone and refer to the settings of the camera you’re having issues with. Look for the option to refresh or restart the device. If the camera is experiencing any temporary issues, this can help resolve them.

Based on Wyze’s support page, keeping your device’s firmware updated is crucial. Check for updates in the Wyze app by tapping your device and then navigating to Settings > Device Info > Firmware Version.

Refresh through the Wyze App
Refresh through the Wyze App

Here’s how to give your Wyze camera a “fresh start,” which can solve many problems.

Turn on motion detection.

If your Wyze camera isn’t recording when there’s movement, the first thing to check is whether the motion detection feature is enabled. Open the Wyze app, go to camera settings, and ensure motion detection is turned on. If it’s off, your camera won’t capture movement-triggered events.

Check the Recording Schedule

Do you want your camera to record only at certain times of the day or night? You can set this up easily in the Wyze app. Open up the camera settings and look for the recording schedule option. Here, you can specify when the camera should be active for recording. Ensure your desired schedule is set up correctly to attend all key events.

If you adjust these settings, your Wyze camera will record exactly when and what you want.

Adjust the Sensitivity

Is your Wyze camera not catching all the action? Adjust the sensitivity settings if necessary. Open the Wyze app, go to your camera settings, and find the options for motion and sound sensitivity. Increase these settings if your camera misses events.

Turn Off Detection Zones

Have you set up specific areas where you don’t want the camera to record? Make sure these “detection zones” aren’t the reason your camera isn’t recording. You can manage or turn off these zones in the Wyze app camera settings.

Format the Memory Card

If your memory card isn’t working right, it might need a fresh start. You can format the memory card directly from the Wyze app. Go to camera settings and find the format card option.

Cloud vs Local Storage

Where do you want to store your videos? You can choose between cloud storage or local memory cards. Set this up in the Wyze app so that your videos are saved where you want them.

How to Reset Your Wyze Camera

If you’ve tried everything and your Wyze camera still isn’t recording, a factory reset might be your last resort. Your settings and connections to smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home will be erased.

5 Simple Steps to Factory Reset

  1. Plug in the camera: Make sure your camera is connected to a power source.
  2. Remove the Memory Card: If you have a microSD card in the camera, take it out.
  3. Press the Setup Button: Hold the setup button on the camera for 5 to 10 seconds.
  4. Watch for Indicator Light: The light will turn yellow or blink. For Wyze Cam v3, the light will turn red.
  5. Wait: 5 minutes to reset.

Once the camera has been reset, it is ready for setup.

Setting up again.

Tap the “+” icon in the Wyze app to add your first device. Choose the ‘Cameras’ option and follow the prompts to set up your camera from scratch.

You’ll probably be able to fix your Wyze camera by following these simple steps.

Still need help? Contact Wyze Support

If you’ve done all this and still face issues, contact Wyze’s customer service. You can do this from the Wyze app. In Device Settings, select Wyze Support > Submit a Log. It will not only help you get customized assistance, but also alert Wyze to any widespread issues that may require software updates.

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Why is event recording crucial?

Event recording systems are the heart of any home security system. It would help if you had this to capture those moments that matter—like when someone is at your door or when there is movement in your home while you are away. You can’t always monitor your security camera in real time without it.

Wyze Camera Not Recording Events

You may miss key incidents if your Wyze camera isn’t recording them. When a package is delivered, a potential intruder enters, or your kids come home from school, you lose the opportunity to review these moments later. In the event of a break-in or other security incident, you might miss crucial evidence.

Wyze Subscription and Cloud Storage

Wyze subscriptions enhance your camera’s capabilities. With cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about running out of memory on a local card. In addition, it usually includes extra features like longer video clips and more storage.

If you want to ensure you get the most out of your cloud storage plan, assign the right one to your camera. Check your subscription settings, and select the correct camera from the subscription section.

The most effective way to enhance home security with Wyze cameras is to record events and optimize cloud storage.

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FAQs | Wyze Camera Not Recording Events

How do I enable motion detection on my Wyze Camera?

To enable motion detection, open the Wyze app and go to camera settings. Look for the ‘Motion Detection’ option and ensure it’s turned on. It will allow your camera to record movement-triggered events.

How do I fix an offline Wyze camera?

Make sure your internet connection is stable first. Unplug your camera for 30 seconds and plug it back in if the internet works. If it’s still offline, you may need to reset the camera.

How do I update my Wyze camera firmware?

Open the Wyze app and go to camera settings. Navigate to ‘Device Info’ and then ‘Firmware Version.’ If an update is available, you’ll see an option to update.

Can I schedule when my Wyze camera records events?

Yes, you can. In the Wyze app, go to camera settings and look for the ‘Event Recording Schedule’ option. Here, you can set specific times for the camera to record.

What are the benefits of a Wyze subscription?

A Wyze subscription offers several perks, like cloud storage, longer video clip lengths, and additional features. It enhances your camera’s functionality and provides a stronger security solution.

In summary, if your Wyze camera isn’t recording events, there are several troubleshooting steps to consider. Check for firmware updates and refresh the device. Ensure motion detection is turned on and adjust sensitivity. If all else fails, reset the factory as a last resort. Contact Wyze support if all else fails.

Last, you should regularly update your Wyze app and firmware to ensure performance. Additionally, Wyze subscriptions offer enhanced features and cloud storage.

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