Can Remote Start Cause Check Engine Light: What Every Car Owner Should Know?

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We know all modern vehicles have remote start systems that can be operated with a key fob. It’s really helpful, but a lot of car owners are worried about these technologies. Can remote start cause check engine light? It is a common concern that remote starts will illuminate the check engine light. This concern pertains to various brands and models of automobiles, not just one in particular. 

Can remote start cause check engine lights in a Nissan or Chevy? And even specific models like the Chevy Silverado are common. 

In this article, we’ll dive into these questions and explore how remote start systems and car diagnostics interact. Remote start systems have become a convenience feature in modern vehicles. Let’s break down what they are and how they work, along with their benefits.

What are remote start systems?

You can start your vehicle remotely with a key fob or remote control from outside the vehicle. Radio frequencies connect key fobs and vehicle starter mechanisms.

How do they work?

When you press the start button on the remote, a signal is sent to the computer in your car. This signal sets off the starting process, just like if you turned the key.

It starts the car and keeps it safe and locked. With apps for your phone, you can control some gadgets from far away, almost anywhere.

Can Remote Start Cause Check Engine Light ?

Yes, a remote start system can turn on the check engine light in certain situations. That can happen for several reasons.

Can Remote Start Cause Check Engine Light
Can Remote Start Cause Check Engine Light
  1. Interference with the Vehicle’s Onboard Computer: Remote start systems can interfere with a vehicle’s computer system, triggering the check engine light.
  2. Activation of Engine Sensors: A remote start might trigger the car’s engine sensors in a way that is not normal for a standard start-up, triggering a check engine light.
  3. Emissions Control System Issues: Remote start systems can affect emissions, causing the check engine light to illuminate.
  4. Installation or component malfunctions: failure to install a remote start system or a malfunctioning one. It can cause various issues, including triggering the check engine light.

Other Factors Affecting Remote Start Systems

Several other factors affect remote start systems’ functionality in addition to installation issues:

Can Remote Start Cause Check Engine Light
Can Remote Start Cause Check Engine Light

Remote Start Key Battery Depletion: When the battery in the remote start key runs out, it can make it hard to talk to the car’s system.

Because of this, the car’s computer system might record a mistake, which could set off the check engine light.

Wireless signals are weak in remote start systems. The system can malfunction if these signals are weak or interrupted. The check engine light comes on because the car’s computer can mistake problems for faults.

If the remote start system wiring is damaged or not connected properly, electrical problems can occur. Check engine lights may illuminate if these issues interfere with the vehicle’s computer system.

Updates to the software are becoming common in modern cars. It may not be compatible with the existing remote start system if the vehicle receives a software update. The check engine light may appear if the incompatibility is not resolved.

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Diagnosing and Resolving Issues with Remote Start Systems

Can remote start cause check engine light ? These might help you troubleshoot the remote start system or another automobile component. Here’s how to approach it:

Use OBD-II scanners

  • Reading Codes: The first step in diagnosing issues is to use an OBD-II scanner. This device can be plugged into your car’s onboard diagnostic port. It reads diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) stored in the car’s computer, which can give you insights into what might be causing the check engine light to come on.
  • Interpreting Codes: Once you have the codes, use a reference guide or online resources to interpret them. This can help you determine whether the problem is with the remote start system or another car part.

Professional inspection and repair

  • Seek Expertise: It’s always recommended to seek professional help for a thorough diagnosis. If the remote start system is installed or working incorrectly, a certified mechanic can interpret the codes accurately.
  • Repairs and Adjustments: A expert can fix remote start system issues. They can also check for any other underlying issues that might trigger the check engine light.

Risks of Remote Start with an Active Check Engine Light

There are several risks associated with using a remote start system when the check engine light is on.

  • Engine Damage: If there is an unresolved issue (as indicated by the check engine light), starting the engine remotely can cause further damage.
  • Emissions System Compromise: Remote start may worsen an emissions control problem.It potentially leading to more serious and costly repairs.

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Installation and Maintenance Tips: Can Remote Start Cause Check Engine Light ?

Your remote start system must be properly installed and maintained to work flawlessly.

Installation tips

  • Professional Installation: Always opt for a professional installation. A certified technician can integrate your remote start system properly with your vehicle’s computer and electrical systems.
  • Check that the remote start system is compatible with your vehicle model. Different models may have specific requirements and setups.

Maintenance tips

  • Regular Checks: Have your remote start system checked regularly, especially when servicing your car. This ensures it stays in proper working condition.
  • Battery Maintenance: Regularly check your remote start key fob battery. A weak battery can lead to signal issues, affecting system performance.
  • Software Updates: Keep an eye out for software updates for both your vehicle and the remote start system. Updates fix bugs and improve functionality.

Maintaining remote start systems properly is crucial to avoiding complications. Make sure your remote start system is working properly.

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Advantages and benefits: Can Remote Start Cause Check Engine Light ?

A remote start system allows you to adjust the temperature inside your car before you get in. Your car can be warmed up in winter to defrost the windshield and warm your seats. You can also cool your car’s interior before entering it in hot weather.

Saves time: It is especially useful when pressed for time. You can start your car as you get ready to leave.

Remote start can benefit your car’s engine, especially in extreme temperatures. As the engine warms up gradually, it can benefit the engine over time.

During the winter, pre-starting your car will help you see better because it melts ice and snow.

Remote starting enhances a car’s convenience and perceived technology. As your car runs, modern remote start systems allow you to lock and secure it.

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In conclusion, remote start systems are really handy but can sometimes cause the check engine light to turn on if they’re not set up right. YThe installation, interaction with engine sensors, and emissions system of the car can cause problems.

The best way to resolve these issues is to use special scanners and seek professional assistance. 

Check engine light on? A remote start might damage your car. A smooth and safe remote start operation depends on understanding how your car’s computer works.

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