DIY Apex home security systems Installation Guide (2024)

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DIY Apex home security systems Installation will save money and give you valuable knowledge at the same time. Also you can take control of your security with Apex’s user-friendly DIY systems.

In this blog, we’ll show you how to install Apex home security systems yourself. We’ll break down the process into easy-to-understand steps, complete with expert tips.

Your self-installed Apex system will make you a home security pro, securing your family and valuables.

Ready to reclaim control and enjoy peace of mind? Come on, let’s go!

DIY Guide: Apex home security systems Installation

How to install Apex home security systems? You can boost your peace of mind and save money with an Apex home security system. But before you install it, let’s strategize! Follow these steps:

Apex home security systems Installation
Apex home security systems Installation

Step 1: Be a Security Detective – Plan the Perfect Layout

Try to think of your home like a castle under siege. What are the most vulnerable entry points? What areas need the most protection?

Door & Window Sensors

These are your frontline defenders. Install them on all exterior doors and windows, including basement doors and garage entry points. Don’t forget sliding doors and French doors – they’re easy targets too!

Motion sensors

You can think of them as invisible ninjas watching over your high traffic areas. Place them in hallways, living rooms, and other common spaces. Consider pet-immune sensors if you have furry friends to avoid false alarms.


These all-seeing eyes provide visual evidence and deter potential intruders. Mount them overlooking entryways, driveways, and other sensitive areas. Bonus points for strategic night vision!

Control Panel

Your system’s central command. Choose a central location with easy access to arming, disarming, and monitoring activity. Remember, it should be out of sight but not out of reach for emergency. You can read Apex home security systems installation manual pdf.

Step 2: Power Up Your Control Panel – The Brain of Everything

This is where the magic happens! Choose a central location for your control panel – think kitchen, hallway, or living room.

Follow the instructions to connect it to power and your home’s Wi-Fi network. Once it’s up and running, familiarize yourself with the keypad and its functions.

Step 3: Mount Your Guardians – Sensors & Cameras Take Their Positions

Now it’s time to deploy your sensors and cameras!

  • Door & Window Sensors: Use the provided mounting tape or screws to secure them firmly to door and window frames. Remember to align the magnetic parts carefully for proper triggering.
  • Motion Sensors: Choose a mounting height and angle that provides optimal coverage without blind spots. Consult the manual for specific placement recommendations based on your sensor type.
  • Cameras: Depending on your camera model, you might need to drill holes for mounting brackets. Ensure proper cable management and secure connections to avoid damage.

Step 4: Test it – Ensure Everything Works Seamlessly

You should test your system thoroughly before activating it. Check all the sensors, trigger alarms, send notifications, and record footage before activating them.

Open and close doors and windows, walk through motion sensor zones, and activate cameras remotely. If you run into any problems, contact Apex Support.

Step 5: Set up your system – Become a security master

Now comes the fun part – customizing your system to your preferences! You can use the control panel or mobile app to:

  • Set entry and exit delays to allow arming and disarming without alarms.
  • Choose your preferred alarm sounds and notification methods (email, push notifications, etc.).
  • Program emergency contacts to receive alerts during an intrusion.

Step 6: Activate Monitoring (Optional) – Get Proactive Protection

You’ll get 24/7 monitoring and rapid response in case of emergencies if you choose professional monitoring.

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Safety Tips to Remember:

  • Safety first! Always follow electrical safety guidelines and consult a qualified electrician if needed.
  • Double-check connections and placements for optimal system performance.
  • Regularly test your system to ensure all components function flawlessly.

Now that you know a bit about Apex home security installation. Then you’re well on your way to making your house a safe haven.

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How long does it take to install wireless security cameras?

Wireless cameras are easier to install than wired ones.

Basic install Apex home security systems:

A single camera can be installed in 15-30 minutes if holes are predrilled and placement is easy. For multiple cameras, you can expect 30-60 minutes per one for finding the best spots and mounting them.

More complex installations:

  • Make sure you give yourself 30-60 minutes per camera if some cameras need wired power.
  • Setting up and configuring a monitoring system can take 30-60 minutes.
  • You’ll need extra time for troubleshooting if your Wi-Fi needs specific configurations.

Remember, these are estimates. Actual time may vary depending on:

  • The more cameras, the longer it takes.
  • You can speed up the process if you’re familiar with tools and DIY projects.
  • It takes longer to drill into walls or uneven surfaces.
  • Make time for reading and understanding manuals.

In conclusion, this guide equips you to install your Apex Home Security System and create a secure haven.

Take a deep breath, grab your tools, and conquer your security goals! Our Apex support team is always here to help. Enjoy your protected home!

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