How to turn off security indicator light Subaru? 4 Helpful Fixes

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Subaru cars are reliable and safe. One key feature of these cars is the security indicator light on the dashboard. This light shows if the car’s security system works properly. You’re in the right place. It usually flashes to inform you that everything is alright. There can be problems if the light stays on or flashes differently. How to turn off security indicator light Subaru?

If you ignore it, you may have a faulty security system or a dead battery. This could make your car less safe. The best way to keep your Subaru safe and in good shape is to know what to do when this light acts strangely.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the different methods you can try to disable the security indicator light on your Subaru. We’ll guide you step-by-step and provide helpful tips during the process. Let’s turn off that annoying light once and for all!

What the Security Indicator Light Means

The security indicator light on your Subaru’s dashboard tells you about its security system. There are two main jobs for this light. First of all, it shows that your anti-theft system works. It also warns you if there’s a problem.

A blinking light usually means the security system is on. You’ll know there’s a problem if the light stays on or blinks differently.

Some common Subaru reasons:

  • The light might stay on if you don’t close the door or the trunk all the way.
  • Problems with car keys: If your key fob battery is flat, it can cause the light to turn on.
  • Sometimes, electrical problems in your car can turn on the light.
  • A weak or old car battery can also trigger the security system.
  • You’ll know if there’s a real problem with the security system if you see the light.
Some common Subaru reasons

It’s helpful to know these reasons because they help you figure out why the light is on. If you see the light acting strangely, check these common issues. You should not ignore it, as it might lead to bigger problems.

Step-Step Guide: How to turn off security indicator light subaru

Before turn off your Subaru’s security light, check these:

  • Make sure all doors and trunks are closed tightly.
  • Ensure your Subaru key is fine and the key fob’s battery isn’t dead.
  • Dashboard Warning Lights: They might indicate related problems.
  • You may find helpful information about the security system in your car’s owner’s manual.
  • A weak battery can lead to problems, so make sure it’s charged.

These steps might fix your light issue.

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Detailed steps to turn off the security indicator light

Check the vehicle’s manual:

Read your Subaru’s manual first. Your car model will likely have specific instructions on how to handle the security light. You can find troubleshooting information about the security system in the troubleshooting section.

Car Key and Ignition Inspection:

Make sure that the key to your car is in good working condition. The security system may not work properly if it is damaged or worn out.

Car Key and Ignition Inspection

You should check your ignition system. You might trigger the security light if the key doesn’t turn smoothly or there is a problem with the ignition.

Security system reset:

You can reset the security system on most Subaru models. A few times of locking and unlocking will do it.

You’ll need to consult your manual to figure out how to reset your Subaru.

Battery disconnect and reconnect:

The above steps won’t work. Try disconnecting the battery for a while. It can reset the car’s computer, including the security system.

Turn off the ignition

Turn off the ignition and everything before you disconnect the battery.

Reconnect the battery after a few minutes to see if the light goes out. In case this fails, you should contact a Subaru dealership or a qualified mechanic.

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Troubleshoot Common Issues

Try these steps if your Subaru’s security light won’t go off after you’ve tried the basics:

You’ve gotta close the doors, trunk, and hood. Double-check that your car key and key fob work well.

How to turn off security indicator light subaru
How to turn off security indicator light subaru

Look for error messages. Your car might show special codes on the dashboard that tell you what’s wrong. You can use a tool to read these codes.

Notice other car problems. Pay attention to any strange noises or changes in your car’s drive. These could be related to the security system problem.

Ask other Subaru owners. Sometimes Subaru owners can help. They might have had the same problem and know how to fix it.

When to Get Professional Help:

After trying everything and the light still stays on, you should contact a professional. You can get help figuring out error codes if you don’t understand them.

Check Your Car if It Acts Weird! If your car acts up or driving strangely, consult a professional. It’s always safer to go to a Subaru dealer or a mechanic if you’re not sure what to do.

Your car’s security system needs to be fixed to stay safe. You should get help from a professional when you need it.

Tips on maintenance: How to turn off security indicator light subaru

Here’s how to keep your Subaru’s security light working:

  • Regular Check-Ups: Stick to your car’s service schedule for regular maintenance.
  • Take Care of Keys: Replace key fob batteries when needed and keep keys in excellent shape.
  • Battery Care: Regularly check your car’s battery and replace it if it’s old.
  • Check Doors and Trunks: Make sure they close properly.
  • Be Careful with Car Electrics: Avoid electrical work on your car unless you’re sure about it.
  • Clean Sensors: Keep sensors clean and clear.
  • Stay Updated: Follow any updates or recalls for your Subaru model.

These steps prevent security system issues, keeping your car safe.

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Conclusion on how to turn off security indicator light Subaru

Regular maintenance and timely troubleshooting can help your Subaru avoid security light issues. The following steps can assist you in maintaining the security system of your vehicle to ensure that it runs smoothly and minimize the need for professional assistance.

A well-maintained vehicle will keep you safe and save you time and money over time.

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