Meet Noorio B200 / B310: Noorio Security Cameras that spotlight your outdoor

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Noorio security cameras are a relatively new brand in the security camera market. However, they are growing rapidly.

Noorio B310 outdoor security camera comes with two unique features: local storage and floodlight. Furthermore, it features an advanced night vision system as well as a 2K resolution.

This is a great choice for a great security camera if you’re looking for a lot of features. You can easily set it up and use it.

In this blog post, I will cover everything you need to know about Noorio security cameras before buying one.

Amazing Smart features of the Noorio B310:

Noorio B310: Noorio security camera
Image source: Amazon
  • The Noorio Security Cameras has 16GB of local storage, so you can record footage even if you don’t subscribe to cloud storage.
  • This Noorio B310 comes with a 600-lumen floodlight that lights up intruders or sounds a Klaxon.
  • High-resolution 2K lens: The Noorio B310 has a 2K lens for clear video.
  • You can see a wide area of your property with the Noorio B310’s 140° field of view.
  • Noorio B310 has advanced night vision technology so you can see in the dark.
  • You can set up and use the Noorio B310 even if you aren’t a tech-person.
  • It’s weatherproof and has a long battery life, so you don’t have to worry about it even in harsh conditions.
  • You can customize the AI motion detection to avoid false alarms. And the 2-way audio lets you talk to whoever is outside.
  • Noorio comes with free 8GB local storage and optional cloud storage.

This Noorio B310 outdoor security camera has a lot of features. You can set it up and use it easily too, so it’s a good choice.

How to Install Noorio Security Cameras

Noorio security cameras are simple to install. Two mounting brackets are available: the traditional one and the magnetic mounting bracket.

Both methods are simple and require no tools or expert assistance.

How to Mount the Noorio B200 with a Traditional Mounting Bracket:

Here are a few parts that you need to identify:

Locate the traditional mounting bracket. A metal ball joint connects the mount to the camera and a threaded end holds the camera.

The bracket has two parts: the ball joint and the base.

Prepare the mounting surface:

Get the round positioning sticker. You’ll need to place the base on a flat surface where you want to install the camera.

Secure the bracket:

Use the camera screws to drill some holes. It is recommended that the bracket base be screwed into the wall.

Mount the camera:

The mounting hole on the back of the camera should align with the bracket’s threaded end. Then put the bracket on the camera and screw it on.

How to Mount the Noorio B200 With Magnetic Mounting Bracket:

  1. Identify the bracket: Locate the magnetic mounting bracket. It’s a smooth, round, flat disc that sticks to the camera’s back.
  2. Prepare the Mounting Surface: Get the round positioning sticker and stick it to the magnetic bracket base. Place the base on a flat surface where you want to install the camera and press firmly.
  3. Mount the Camera: Simply stick the camera to the magnetic bracket. Strong magnets hold it securely.

Noorio’s B200 security camera is easy to install and has many mounting options. So it’s an ideal choice for anyone looking for simplicity.

What are the different Noorio security camera models?

2K resolution and 16GB of local storage
Image source: Amazon

Noorio currently offers three different security camera models: the B200, the B210, and the B310.

  • The B200 is the simplest model, offering 1080p resolution and no local storage.
  • The B210 is an upgrade from the B200. It offers 2K resolution and 16GB of local storage.
  • The B310 is the most feature-packed model, offering 2K resolution, a built-in spotlight, and 16GB of local storage.

Noorio Security cameras: What are the negative effects of surveillance cameras?

A continuous recording will not save incidents that do not occur immediately. As some models don’t come with local storage, the footage would need to be stored in the cloud, which could be lost if the service suddenly stops. You may need to recharge the camera more frequently if you use it continuously, and the battery life can vary based on usage.

Should you buy a Noorio security camera?

A Noorio camera is a great option if you don’t need continuous recording and you’re looking for something easy to set up. You can also get them on a budget. For continuous recording or a camera that offers more features, look elsewhere.

Overall, Noorio security cameras are a great option for those wanting a simple and affordable security solution.

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How do I connect the Noorio security camera to my network?

Setting up your security camera can be fun, but connecting it to your network can be tricky. Nothing to worry about! I will walk you through the process with helpful tips and visuals.

Step 1: Power Up and Connect

Your camera comes with a power adapter. Connect it to the camera. Connect the adapter to a nearby outlet.

Some cameras might require a physical connection to your router via an Ethernet cable. You’ll have to connect one end of the cable to the camera’s ethernet port and the other end to your router’s ethernet port.

Step 2: Access the camera’s interface

  • Find the camera’s IP address: This is the identifier for your camera on your network. You can usually find it in the camera’s manual, on a sticker on the camera itself, or in your router’s settings.
  • Open a web browser: On your computer, launch any web browser like Chrome or Firefox.
  • Enter the IP address in the address bar. Press Enter after typing the address.
  • Log in to the camera’s web interface: You’ll usually be prompted for a username and password. These should be provided in the camera’s manual or on a sticker on the camera itself.

Step 3: Pair with Your Wi-Fi Network

  • Locate the Wi-Fi settings: After logging in, look for the Wi-Fi settings menu on the camera’s web interface. This might be labelled “Wireless,” “Network,” or something similar.
  • Choose your Wi-Fi network: Pick your home Wi-Fi from the list.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi password: Make sure your password is right. Remember, passwords are case-sensitive!
  • Save the settings: Click the “Save” or “Connect” button to apply your changes.

Step 4: Add the Camera to Your Monitoring System

You can view live footage and manage settings with many cameras’ mobile apps. Download the Noorio security cameras app from the app store.

Some cameras work with security software on your computer. You can find specific instructions in your software’s documentation.

Check the camera app or software to see live footage.

Step 5: Check Wi-Fi Strength Before Mounting (Optional).

Test your Wi-Fi signal strength before permanently mounting your camera. You can get a bad video quality if your signal is weak. On your phone, you can check the signal strength using a Wi-Fi strength meter.

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In conclusion, the Noorio B310 stands out from the crowd as a wireless home security camera that packs a punch. The camera’s combination of durability, power, and night vision options makes it an excellent choice for anyone seeking peace of mind. 

No matter how big or small your needs are, the B310 keeps a watchful eye on your property regardless of the weather. Give the Noorio B310 a try – it might just be the game-changer.

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