What is Ring security camera with blue light? 5 Security Camera Lighting Tips

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Do you ever see your Ring security camera with blue light glowing? It’s just an indicator, not a ghost! But what exactly does the blue light on your Ring camera mean?

And how can you optimize your security system with the best security camera lighting for both indoor and outdoor use?

In this blog, we’re exploring blue lights, wired and wireless cameras. Here are 5 essential lighting tips to turn your Ring into a night vision powerhouse.

What is Ring security camera with blue light?

A Ring security camera with blue light can refer to two things:

Ring offers several security cameras with blue indicator lights, most notably the indoor cam and the stick up cam. These cameras use blue light to signal different functions, such as:

  • Solid blue: Camera is starting up, recording, or in Live View mode.
  • Flashing blue: Camera is in setup mode or experience a connection issue.
  • Pulsing blue: Two-way talk is enabled.

Any Ring camera with a blue light indicator: What does a blue light on a security camera mean?

There are different models with different light patterns, but any Ring camera with blue light. That would be a Ring security camera with blue light. This definition includes all Ring cameras that use blue lights.

If you want to know what a Ring security camera with blue light, you need to know the specific model.

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How do I turn off the blue light on my blink outdoor camera?

Ring Cameras with blue LED? You can’t completely turn off the blue light on your Blink Outdoor Camera. This light indicates power, record status, and motion detection. However, you can minimize its visibility with these options:

Adjust the “Status LED” in the Blink app:

  • Open the Blink app and go to the settings icon in the top right.
  • Select your Blink Outdoor Camera.
  • Tap on “General Settings”.
  • Find Status LED and choose Always Off. This will turn off the blue light when the camera is idle. However, it’ll still blink briefly as you record.

Use a diffuser:

Cover the blue LED with translucent tape or diffuser film to soften the light. Just be careful not to block the sensor or lens.

You can choose a diffuser with a low light-blocking rating to ensure record quality.

Adjust camera placement:

If possible, mount the camera in a location where blue light won’t be directly visible. For example, face a wall or behind a plant.

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Can I cover the blue light on the ring camera?

You can cover the blue light on your Ring camera, but it is not recommended due to potential downsides.

You can use electrical tape, black nail polish, or a diffuser film to block the light. Remember, completely cover the light might interfere with the camera’s sensors.

What does the red light on the Ring camera mean?

No, the color of the light on your Ring camera does not directly indicate whether someone is watching. Here’s a breakdown of the different colors and their meanings:

Red light:

  • Solid red: This typically indicates a power issue like a low battery or an insufficient power supply. I don’t think anyone is watching.
  • Flashing red: It can mean different things depends on the model. But it usually means the camera is rebooting, updating, or experience a connection error. Not indicative of anyone watching.

Security camera with Blue light:

  • Solid blue: This indicates the camera is starting up, recording, or in Live View mode. It doesn’t necessarily mean someone outside is actively viewing the feed.
  • Flashing blue: This usually means the camera is in setup mode or encounter a connection issue. It doesn’t mean someone is watching.
  • Pulsing blue: This shows you can talk through the camera, but it doesn’t mean someone’s watching.

Here’s how you can tell if someone is watching you through your Ring camera:

Ring app notifications
Ring security camera with blue light notification | image source: Ring.com

Ring app notifications

You’ll receive a notification on your phone. The motion sensor of the camera may activate if someone triggers it or starts live view.

Live view indicator

When someone views the live feed, a small Live icon will appear in the Ring app next to your camera’s name.

What should you Remember:

  • Keep an eye on the live feed in the Ring app to see what’s happening in real-time.
  • You can also control who can see your camera and recordings in the app.

Get app notifications and learn how to read the colors of light.

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In conclusion, it’s important to understand why different colors of lights are used for security cameras.

The blue light on a Ring camera usually indicates that the camera is functioning properly and actively recording. However, if you’d like to hide the blue light, you can. It’s also worth mention that the red light on a Ring camera is not necessarily an indication that someone is watching.

You’ll be able to understand the status of your security camera better when you know these indicators.

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