How to Reset Feit Smart Bulb? 7 Easy Steps to Fix

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I know you are worried about the Feit smart bulb connection issue. And you are looking for a solution to How to Reset Feit Smart Bulb. A Feit Smart Bulb can be easily reset. You can quickly restore your smart lighting system with our guide. 

We’ll ensure you have everything you need. Let’s fix your smart bulb!

Common issues with Feit Smart Bulbs

Here are some common issues.

Bulb is not responding – Smart bulbs don’t always follow smartphone or smart home hub commands. This is annoying if you use smart bulbs for lighting automation.

Connection problems – Connecting a device to a smart light is another matter. This prevents remote light control and additional functionality.

Dimming or flickering – Feit Smart Bulbs provide stable illumination. Unfortunately, some lights may dim or flicker abruptly. This may change a room’s atmosphere and signal a bulb problem.

Compatibility issues – Feit Smart Bulbs support many devices and smart home platforms. Smart lights may not be fully integrated due to compatibility issues.

Now that we’ve identified some of the common issues, Let’s explore why resetting your Feit Smart Bulb is necessary.

How to Reset Feit Smart Bulb

How to Reset Feit Smart Bulb

Why resetting your Feit Smart Bulb is necessary

Do you know most of the issues can be fixed with a simple reset of the smart bulb? Now the question is, How do I reset Feit Smart? 

It essentially clears the bulb’s memory and restores it to its default settings. This can fix connection and compatibility issues and prepare the bulb for resetting. 

Here are a few reasons: How to Reset Feit Smart:

Clearing the memory: Over time, your Feit Smart Bulb may store temporary data or encounter software glitches that can affect its performance. Restarting the light refreshes the memory.

Reestablishing connection: If your Feit Smart Bulb is not responding or connected to your device but not working, Then reestablishing the connection will help. This is useful if you changed your Wi-Fi network or smart home setup.

Fixing software issues: Sometimes, a simple software issue can cause your Feit Smart Bulb to malfunction. Resetting the bulb can help fix these problems and make sure it’s using the latest firmware.

Now that you know why resetting your Feit Smart Bulb is important, let’s go over how to do it.

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Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Gather the right tools before starting the reset. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Ensure an appropriate screwdriver is used for Feit Smart Bulb removal.
  • Smart bulb management with the Feit Electric app
  • Maintain a stable Wi-Fi connection during the reset process.

Once you have these tools, we can proceed.

Step 2: Remove the power cord.

Turn off the bulb’s power supply before resetting it for safety. Follow these steps:

  • Turn off the light switch to prevent accidental electrical shocks during the reset.
  • Turn off the bulb briefly to confirm the power supply cut.

We’ll continue after you turn off the power.

How To Reset Feit Smart Bulb

How to Reset Feit Smart Bulb-Image source by Amazon

Step 3: Wait while the bulb cools down.

After turning off the power supply, Wait for the bulb to cool before starting the reset process.

  • Allow the bulb to cool naturally for 10 minutes for safety.
  • Avoid touching the bulb during cooling to prevent accidents.

After the bulb cools, we can continue.

Step 4: Find the button to reset.

Feit Smart Bulbs feature a reset button for easy maintenance. The model’s button position may vary. Reset button location:

  • See the user manual for the reset button location.
  • Locate the Feit Smart Bulb reset button online using the manufacturer’s documentation.

After finding the reset button, we can continue.

Step 5: Hold down the reset button.

After finding the reset button, reset it. These steps:

  • Press and hold the reset button with steady pressure.
  • Let the lamp flash. Keep pressing reset until the bulb flashes. The reset process has started.

After the bulb flashes, we can continue again.

Step 6: Wait until the bulb is reset.

Give the bulb time to reset after starting it. Do this:

  • Be patient. Let the lights reset. Model and conditions determine duration. User manuals and internet resources estimate reset times.
  • Avoid interrupting the bulb reset process to prevent an incomplete reset.

Once the bulb resets, we can proceed.

How to Reset Feit Smart Bulb

How to Reset Feit Smart Bulb

Step 7: Reconnect the bulb to the app.

To reconnect your Feit smart light, connect your mobile device to the same 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and disable any VPN or Adblocker. This allows your smartphone to quickly detect new network devices.

Setup your Fiet device here:

  • Activate Feit Electric (you already have an account set up).
  • To add a device, press “+”.If the app needs access to something, give it what it needs.
  • Choose the Lighting and Lighting Device options.
  • Verify the blinking of the light. Click “Confirm” to continue.
  • Join the gadget to a wireless network operating at 2.4 GHz. Choose the 2.4 GHz network and log in with the correct password. Select the Next button.
  • Allow the app to locate the smart light, sign it up, and start it up.
  • Identify the gadget. Yaap! Your home has power again.

If your light won’t connect, try AP mode. This mode allows you to manually connect the light to the app. Following the AP mode instructions, you can connect the light to the app.

Congratulations! You reset your Feit Smart Bulb and reconnected to your device. You can now control the lighting.

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Troubleshooting tips: How to Reset Feit Smart Bulb

During the reset, you may have issues. Tips for fixing:

1. Ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection. Maintain a stable Wi-Fi connection during the reset. A weak or unstable connection can cause reset issues.

2. Close and reopen the Feit Electric app if it’s acting up. You can also try turning off and on your phone or tablet.

How to Reset Feit Smart Bulb
How to Reset Feit Smart Bulb | Official App

3. Contact customer support: Contact customer support to reset the Feit Smart Bulb. They can help and guide you.

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In conclusion, you can reset your Feit Smart Bulb to fix common problems like inactivity and connection issues. The detailed instructions in this article make it simple to reset your Feit Smart Bulb. Gather the necessary tools, turn off the power supply, and let the bulb cool down. 

Find the reset button, press and hold it, wait for the bulb to reset, and reconnect it to the app. 

Follow these instructions – How to Reset Feit Smart Bulb. So try it and enjoy your Feit Smart Bulb’s convenience and energy efficiency!

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