Dyson V8 flashing blue light when charging? Try these 6 fixes now.

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Have you ever plugged in a Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner and got a blinking blue light? It’s common for the Dyson V8 flashing blue light when charging.

I’m here to help you fix it. This guide will help you figure out why the Dyson V8 flashing blue light when charging. You’ll get insights and solutions based on my personal experience with Dyson vacuums.

So, let’s look at Dyson troubleshooting and get that blinking light to work for you!

Why does the Dyson V8 flashing blue light when charging?

Your Dyson vacuum might blink a blue light for several reasons:

  1. Low battery is the most common cause. Charge the vacuum for 4 hours if this is the case.
  2. It could also be a dirty filter. Maintain a clean and debris-free filter. Replace it if it’s dirty.
  3. If you clean your dust filter and charge your battery, but the light still blinks, there might be a problem. If this happens, contact Dyson’s customer support.

Troubleshoot: Dyson V8 flashing blue light when charging.

Dealing with issues with your Dyson vacuum cleaner can be challenging, but don’t worry! If you follow some simple steps and have patience, you can often solve these problems on your own. Here’s a detailed guide to the most common issues and their solutions:

Vacuum won’t turn on.

To begin with, make sure your Vacuum is plugged in properly. Ensure that the power switch is turned on before turning on the computer.

Check the outlet, but if the vacuum still won’t start, there could be an internal problem. 

In this case, you should contact Dyson customer support to get assistance.

Lose suction power:

There is a possibility of a blocked filter being the cause. Replace the filter if it has dirt or debris.

If you notice any obstructions in the hose or the cleaner head, make sure you remove them immediately.

Additionally, you may need to upgrade to a more powerful Dyson vacuum if all of those don’t suffice. You might need to upgrade to a more powerful Dyson vacuum model if the vacuum still lacks power.

Vacuum making odd noises:

You may hear strange noises if a component is loose. Tighten any loose components.

Vacuum Making Odd Noises
Vacuum Making Odd Noises | Dyson v7 blinking blue light

Once again, it may be blocked hoses or heads that are responsible for the problem. It is best to clear all blockages.

It may be necessary to replace the vacuum if the noise persists because the vacuum is worn out.

Not Picking Up Dirt:

When filters become clogged, they can’t pick up dirt as well as they should. As often as necessary, check and clean the filter, or replace it if it needs to be replaced.

It is important to check for blockages in the hose or cleaner head and to clear them.

There may be a need for a more robust model in your case.

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Vacuum-emitting bad odors:

Dyson blue light when charging? The most common cause of bad odors in a home is a dirty filter. You should clean or replace the filter if necessary after inspecting and cleaning it.

If there are any blockages in the hose or cleaner head, make sure that they are removed.

If the smell persists, it’s likely that you need to consider replacing your vacuum, since older models have a tendency to smell.

Inspect the charging accessories. 

When your Dyson’s charging light continuously blinks, sometimes the issue may lie with the charging accessories. Here is how you can check if they are correct:

Examine the charger: As a first step, take a look at your machine’s charger. Ensure the object is in good condition and that there is no damage to it.

Secure connection: Connect the charger firmly to the power outlet and make sure it is plugged in tightly. It is important to make sure that the connection is tight and secure.

Check the power outlet. If the power outlet doesn’t work, check it. Make sure it’s got enough voltage.

Try a different outlet. If you’re unsure about the first outlet, try another one. It helps figure out if it’s the outlet or the charger.

Inspect the charging wire. Make sure the charger’s wires are tight. See if there are any signs of fraying, damage, or wear.

Replace if necessary: Check the charger or wire for any issues. Your vacuum could even get damaged if you use damaged charging accessories.

How Dyson Battery Charges?

It’s easy to recharge the battery of your Dyson vacuum cleaner. A quick overview of the blue LED lights on the Dyson V8 will help you understand what they mean:

You will see the LED lights flashing when the device is charging. You don’t have to do anything else because your Dyson is charging properly.

If the lights are fully charged, after 5 seconds, they will blink for a short period and then turn off. It usually takes about 4.5 hours to fully charge the device. During this time, the screen will also display 100% battery.

Battery status:

The solid blue light means that your battery is charged, and everything appears to be working correctly.

One flashing light indicates a low battery. When the battery flashes three times, it is full.

If there is a problem, here are some things to keep in mind:

There may be a problem with the battery or charger if the light blinks non-stop during charging.

Use these warning signs to make the most of your Dyson’s charging.

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FAQs: Dyson V8 flashing blue light when charging

Why is the blue light blinking while charging my Dyson V8?

A Dyson V8’s blue light will blink to indicate the level of charge as it charges. When it blinks slowly, it’s less than 50% charged. If it blinks quickly, it’s between 50% and 90% charged. When the light is solid blue, it’s fully charged.

Why is my Dyson flashing blue?

Several reasons can cause your Dyson to flash blue. These are a few of the most common:

  • Low battery. The blue light will flash rapidly when the battery is low in charge. Charge the battery for at least four hours to resolve this issue.
  • A problem with the filter will cause the blue light to flash slowly. It may indicate a dirty, clogged, or worn filter.
  • Your Dyson charger’s blue light flashes irregularly. If it is not compatible with your model or does not work properly.
  • Your vacuum may have a more serious problem if the blue light flashes rapidly and irregularly. Dyson customer support can help in this situation.

When does the Dyson V8 start to charge?

Your Dyson V8’s blue light will turn solid blue when it’s charging. If the light is blinking, it’s not fully charged. Keep it plugged in until the light turns a solid blue.

How do I know if my Dyson battery needs replacing?

Here are some of the most common signs that it’s time to replace your Dyson battery:

  • Battery life is shorter than it used to be.
  • It is losing suction power.
  • Vacuum overheats.
  • It sounds like the battery is making strange noises.
  • Battery bulges or leaks.

Call Dyson customer support if you notice any of these signs.

Is it worth replacing the Dyson vacuum battery?

Whether or not it is worth replacing the battery in your Dyson vacuum depends on a few factors. Here are some things to consider:

Vacuum age. Replace your old vacuum with an updated model if it is more than five years old.

The cost of a replacement battery. The cost of a replacement battery can vary depending on your vacuum model.

How often do you use your vacuum?

It’s easier to use your vacuum if you have a new battery. You can contact Dyson customer support if you are unsure whether to replace the battery in your Dyson vacuum.

Can you leave the Dyson V8 on charge all the time?

You can leave your Dyson V8 on charge all the time. Dyson vacuum batteries are protected from overcharging thanks to this charger’s thoughtful design.

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